Area Code 021, $1=Rp8,900, Aug 31, 2001


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i1 Tourist Office: Jakarta Theater Bldg, Jl MH Thamrin 81, T3154094 M-F9:00-17:00, Free maps & brochures about Jakarta, helpful staff,
train info, no info on buses, ferries.
i2 Tourist Info Counter Airport - Arrival Hall
i3 Tourist Office: Jl Merdeka Barat #16-19 W side of Monas, T3838220,
AE American Express Pacto Tour: Jl.Taman Kemang Li Blok D2/4, T719-6550, Client mail Service
Banks open M-F8:30-15:00, some also Sa8:30-11:00. Exchange transactions sometimes only between certain hours. See below. Moneychangers slightly better rate than bank for cash. No commission charged for T/C or visa transaction. T/C rate is higher than cash at airport. Lower rates than ones in city. Many ATM machines accept several cards (Visa,Mastercard, Cirrus,JCB,Alto,Plus)
$1 Bank Centra Asia: (BCA Bank) Jl H Agus Salim. Exchange only M-F9:30-12:00 ATM (Visa, Mastercard,Cirrus,Plus).
$2 Bali Bank Jl Sudirman.M-F8:30-15:00. T/C exchange (Amex, Citicorp only) 10:00-13:00. ATM (Visa, Mastercard,Cirrus,Alto,Plus). Good cash & T/C ex-rates
ta PT Robertur Kencana: Jl Jaksa #20, T3142926, M-F8:30-17:00 Sa 9-13:00. T/C exchange, Cash/TC $1=8700. AZ4750, Yen=73, GBP=12,750Rp
$4 Sarinah Dept. Store: Jl Thamrin 8:00-19:30. The rate is slightly lower than ta above.
I Immigration: (South J.) Jl Warung Buncit Raya 207 T7996334 No visa extension M-F7:30-16:00
I Immigration (Central J.) Jl Angkasa No.4. Good information, No visa extension M-F7:30-16:00
P Police Office: Jl Jend Sudirman 45 T5704189 8:00-24:00
H1 Hospital MMC Kuningan: Jl Rasuna Said Kav. C21 T5225201 Doctors speak English.
H2 RS Jakarta: Jl Jend. Sudirman Kav. 49 T5732241
H3 Clinic Ufar Medica Jl Kebon Sirih 79 T5732241 M-Sa 8:00-20:00

M0 Post Office-GPO Jl Pos Utara 2, Pasar Baru Bus #12 T3446988 M-Sa 8:00-20:00,Su 9:00-16:00 Poste Restante counter #49-50
M1 Post Office: Sarinah Dept Store 5th Fl, Jl Thamrin M-Th8-17:00,F8-14:00,Sa8-12:00
M3 Indosat: Jl MH Thamrin 9, opposite Tourist Office 24hrs
Cardphone inside. Sell cards -Phone : Cardphone inside. Sell cards - units 40 (Rp13,000), 75(Rp20,000), 100(Rp 25,000). IDD & collect service.
M2 Post Telecom & RTQ Travel Jl Jaksa 25 T3904501 8:00-24:00 Fax, International phone
Pre-paid card telephone system.
Many private telephone companies offer discount international services with pre-paid cards. The rate is incredibly cheap. 60-80% off. The rates differ from the company and country to call as well.
The cards are available at major shopping center. Look for a small counters.
Rate normal/discount for a company per min.
USA 10956/1250, Canada 10956/1500 UK 12408/1450, Holland 14124/1650, German/France 10956/1700, Australia 10956/1650, Japan 12408/1750, Singapore 7450/1650.

A Soekarno-Hatta Airport: 25km NE from center, allow 1-1.5hr travel time from city.
Terminal A: Garuda/Merpati
Terminal B: International
Terminal C: Other Domestic flights
transport to airport:
Shuttle bus to/from Gambir station & Blok M every 30mins, 05:00 - 19:00 Rp5,000. From the airport to Gambir 7-22:00 Journey time 1-1.5 hrs. Taxi from Rp50,000, bargain and check whether toll fee is included. The bus also go to Bogor Rp7000?,
Food: Many fast food with regular prices are available
Airport Tax: Int'l 75,000Rp, Domestic ?Rp
There are severaltrain stations in Jakarta. Reservations up to 1 week before. Reservation fee: Eksek Rp2000 Bis Rp1500, Ekonomi Rp1000.
T1 Gambir Station: E from Merdeka sq. 10 min walk from Jl Jaksa, by Becak Rp 3000.
Trains to Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya Train. Travel Info desk in center of main hall. TV screens broadcast departure times/platform. If you have difficulty to buy tickets, go to the station masters office where staff will help you.
No local trains stops here. Only long distance/Express trains, To Jl.Jaksa, Go to Gondangdia station, SW from the Jl Jaksa.
T2 Gondangdia station: SW from the Jl Jaksa.15min on foot. Local trains stop here.
T3 Kota Station: Kota, old part of town. Trains to W Java (Merak, port for ferry to Sumatra), Cirebon, Kroya. Kota to Gondangdia 500Rp
T4 Pasar Senen Station: Trains to N coast. Cirebon, Semarang, Surabaya.
T5 Tanah Abang Station Train to W Java. All trains originate from Kota.
Intercity Buses run to most cities.
Service is slow and can be scary. All terminals are far from the center and it is hard to get information. The bus from Jakarta is not recommended.
see Bus Info for more detail
Buses to Central, W, E Java, Sumatra.
see Boat Info for more detail
Harbor: Tanjung Priok Harbor
PELNI office: Jl Gajah Mada 14, T6385-7773. Many travel agents can book Pelni boats with some commission. It is cheaper to buy at Pelni office but the locations are not convenient.
Adventure Cruise/Diving/Trekking
Giving you a great opportunity of traveling with a sailing boats in the archipelago. You also can dive in many great diving spots where independent divers normally cannot reach. The tours include trekking/hiking on islands such as Komodo island.
It gives you completely different experience to know Indonesia. There are many boat owners/agents are operating in Indonesia.
t4 SongLine Cruises of Indonesia: Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat I #43, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia, T 021-315-8720
USA HP 813-625-5392,
It has many boats with many different class ranges.
Their budget boat starts from $40/day including 3 meal and some activities. The office is in the middle of Jl. Jaksa area
Travel Agents
t1 PT Robertur Kencana: Jl Jaksa 20B, T3142926 Discount tickets. Cheapest flights to Singapore.Very helpful
t2 PT Amanda Bali Int: Jl Wahid Hasyim 110 T3143407 F3143543. Cheap flights & bus ticket bookings. 24 hour Internet cafe.Very helpful staff.
t3 PT.Duta Dinda Perdana: Jl Jaksa 15A, T3143310,

BUS: "P" sign means express bus.
Ordinary Bus: Rp800-1000 6:00-20:00.Some buses operate 24hrs. Mini-buses also operate ! Warning: Crowded, beware of pick-pockets.
Patas 'Fast & Ltd' Rp1500? Grade up from ordinary bus.
Patas A/C Bus Rp2-300000 Less crowded. Destinations, bus routes, bus numbers listed below
! Warning pickpockets!
Taxi: Rp2,500+Rp450 /km. Blue Bird & Dian Taksi are reliable. Avoid President Taxis - bad reputation. (97 info)
Microlet: Minivans run along set routes Rp1000. photo right
Bajai :
Orange 3 wheelers, Rp3-5,000 must bargain. Gambir-Jl Jaksa Rp3500-5,000.
BT : Bus Terminal TS : Train Station
Bl.M : Blok M BT Cldg : ?
Dpk : ? Grgl : Grogol BT
Kd : Kalideres BT KR : Kampung Rambutan BT
Kt : Kota BT KM : Kampung Melayu BT
LB : Lebak Bulus BT Mgr : Manggarai BT
Pg : Pulogadung PM : Pasar Minggu
Pml : ? Rmg : Rawamangun BT
Sn : Senen BT TA : Tanah Abang TS
TP : Tanjung Priok BT MK : ?

BUS ROUTES: Patas a/c routes
There are many more routes than listed below.
Code "P19 LB - Sn" means P(Express Bus) No 19 runs between Lebak Bulus BT and Senen BT
P19 LB - Sn P20 LB - Sn P22 LB - Sn
P23 KR - Sn P30 KR - Bl.M P31 Pml - Mgr
P32 Rmg - Bl.M P40 LB - Grgl P46 Dpk - TA
P47 KR - Sn P48 Dpk - Grgl P54 Pgd - Kt
P55 Kd - Grgl P56 LB - KM P58 Cldg - Grgl
P59 Dpk. - Bl.M P60 Sn - Dpk. P64 KM - MK
P65 TP - LB P66 Kd - Bl.M P67 KR - KT
P68 PM - Kt
Gambir Metromini #50, Rp800? Jakarta Zoo: 958, P38 Rp800?
Pasar Senen Metromini #50 Rp500 Rambutan BT #502 Rp800?
Pulo Gadung BT #507 Rp800? Tanjung Priuk Harbour #14 Rp1000?

Shopping Centers
m1 Block M: Kabayoran Baru, largest shopping center. !Warning : pickpockets
m2 Mal Taman Angrek Largest shopping mall in SE Asia.- 450 shops. Ice rink, 4 cinemas.
m3 Art market, Pasar Seni Ancol, S Jakarta.
m4 Sarinah dept. store: 3F,4F Jl MH Thamrin (intersect. Jl KH Wahid Hasyim) Handicrafts from all over Indonesia
m5 Plaza Atrium: Jl Senen Raya.
m6 Plaza Indonesia: Jl MH Thamrin, near Grand Hyatt Hotel.
m7 Mega Pasaraya: Near Blok M. Huge shopping mall with designer stores, imported goods.
Souvenirs: Many stores along Jl Surabaya, Antique shops in Jl Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam, Jl Majapahit, Jl Ciputat Raya.
Bookshops Some hotels have bookshops. 2nd hand (expensive) books in shops along Jl Jaksa.
s7 Cynthia Book Exchange: Jl Jaksa. Best used book selection.
s8 Times Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center (lower level). Jl MH Thamrin 10:00-21:00
s9 Gramedia Jl Gajah Mada 109 Best collection of English books.
Photo shops Many shops along Jl J Agus Salim.
Development -36 = Rp28000 (3R), Rp32000 (4R)
s11 Laundry: Fajaria Jl Jaksa 40

For info. see 'Where to Go' section in Jakarta Post Newspaper.
Art Galleries Cultural Performances Information available from Tourist Office.
Art Galleries
Balai Budaya: Jl Gereja Theresia. Modern Indonesian exhibitions change weekly. free
TIM (Jakarta Arts Ctr) Jl Cikini Raya 73 Modern Indonesian
Cultural Performances: Information available from Tourist Office.
Wayang kulit: Wayang Museum, Jl Pintu Besar, Kota Su 10:00
Gamelan National Museum: W of Merdeka Sq. Su, once a month.
Wayang Orang Bharata Theater: Jl Kalilio 15, nr Pasar Senen Tu,W,F,Sa
Cinemas There are many cinemas in shopping malls - Mal Taman Anggrek, Mal Pondok Indah
"Hari Ini" means 'today's' showing. for info. see Jakarta Post(Rp2000)
c Djakarta Theater 9 Jl MH Thamrin Rp8,000-10,000

for National festivals see Festival sheet
April Anniversary of Taman Mini Traditional performances held at Taman Mini Indonesia
June 22 Jakarta Parade Cultural performances, parades
Aug Traditional Cultural Festival Held at Taman Mini Indonesia

Many internet connections throughout the town. 10,000/hr is the common. The speed is usually good in Jakarta.
@1 M Net: Jl Jaska $51,, 9-24:00. 8000/hr min 2500Rp
@2 Click: Jl Jaksa, 9-23:00, 3000/15min.
@3 Boom Steen Hostel: 175 Kegon Sirh Timur Dalan, off E from Jl Jaksa. 2500/15min. 9000/hr

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