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Tanjung Priok Harbor
from Jl Jaksa: Bus# P14 from Jl Kebon Sirih, near Jl Jaksa, to Tanjung Harbor bus Terminal. The docks are 2km away.
from Senen Station.: by Metromini #24,
from Pulo Gadung: by Mayasari Bakti #50
by taxi: from center about Rp50,000

Operates services throughout Indonesia. The schedule changes often. Ask at travel agents or Pelni offices for the current schedule.
PELNI office: Jl Angkasa 18 T6385-7773, M-Sa 8:00-14:00. 2 photos and Passport required to buy ticket.
Agent Panintama Tour: Jl Gedong Panjang 68A, T6690704
PT Admiral Lines: Booking office : 21 Jl Raya Pelabuhan,harbor. T4355637
KM KELUD departs Jakarta (Tanjung Priok) every 4 days to Batam Isl.(From here you can take a boat to Singapore) and subsequently sails to Medan (Belawan). Departure time from Jakarta is 2-00 pm with arrival at Batam Isl. scheduled at 3-00pm the next afternoon.
KM SINABUNG operates in the opposite direction, leaving Batam Isl. every 4 days at 9-00am, arriving Jakarta the next day at 10-00am.
Fare from travel agent : 1st Class(sharing with a few people) -
Rp433,000, Tourist(dormitory)-Rp223,000 Ekonomi(deck no bed no room) Rp149,000. You can hire a mattress with 15,000Rp and sleep on a deck. The quality food is very bad so better take some your own food,
In addition to these two regular ferries, KM KERINCI & KM BUKIT SIGUNGTANG provide a further weekly service leaving Jakarta every Friday at1-00pm arriving Batam Isl. Saturday at 3-00 pm. In the opposite direction a weekly ferry departs Batam Isl. Mon 9-00am, arriving Jakarta Tu 10-00 am.
to Medan, Sumatra: (99 info)
KM KELUD & KM SINABUNG also provide a service between Jakarta & Medan (Belawan) every 4 days. Due to stopping at Batam Isl., the journey time is 2 days, departing Jakarta at 2-00 pm, arriving in Medan 2 days later at 10-00am. The reverse journey also leaves Medan at 14:00, arriving in Jakarta 2 days later at 8:00
Fare from a travel agent :
1st class Rp382,000, Economy Rp177,000
to Padang, Sumatra: (99 info)
KM KAMBUNA & KM LAMBELU operate between Padang, providing a weekly service between Padang & Jakarta. One ferry will depart Padang on Sun morning at 10-00am, arriving M 16:00. The other boat will be travelling in the opposite direction, leaving Jakarta Thur 10-00am, arriving Padang on F 15:00.
Fare : 1st class Rp245,500 2nd class Rp201,000E 3rd class Rp137,000 4th Class Rp126,500 Economy Rp73,000

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