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Ferry to/from Bangsal
There is a public boat, shuttle boat(Perama) and charter service.
Public boat 9:00-16/17:00, leaves when it's full G. Trawangan Rp1,750; G. Meno Rp1,650; G. Air Rp1,350.
Shuttle boat from G. Trawangan at 9:00 & 16:30, Rp4,000.
Charter boat Rp25,000.

Ferry between islands
Shuttle service twice a day from G. Trawangan to G. Meno Rp3,000, G. Air Rp4,000.

Transport to/from Bali via Lombok

D.I.Y. (DO IT YOURSELF, hard option)
Padangbai (Bali), to Lembar port(Lombok) Ferry every 2 hours 2:00-24:00, Ekonomi Rp5,500,
Lembar to Sweta (transport hub in Mataram) Bemo
Rp 1,000-2,000,
Sweta to Bangsal ferry port Junction Bemo Rp 800-1,500,
The junction to Bangsal port Donkey carriage Rp 300-500,
Bangsal port to islands Ferry see below.
Or You can charter bemo all way to Bangsal port, then take ferry to islands.
! warning
Lombok Bemo drivers at Lembar meeting the boat from Bali rip people off even more than Bali drivers. Many won't let you on the bemos taken by locals.

Shuttle Bus Service(easy option)
Perama & Nomad Shuttle Bus/boat service operates from most tourist centers in Bali & Lombok.
Gili T. to/from Lombok Kuta Lombok Rp15,500, Mataram/airport/Lembar port/Senggigi/Sweta Rp9,000,
Gili T. to/from Bali Padangbai Rp17,000, Candidasa Rp18,000, Kuta Bali Rp21,000, Sanur/Denpasar Rp22,000, Ubud Rp25,000,
May be possible to stopover en route.

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