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The Gilis (Islands) - Gili Trawangan, Gili Air & Gili Meno, 3 islands of the NW of Lombok, are very popular destinations for backpackers. The islands are very scenic - white sand beaches, azure blue sea, coral reefs (good snorkeling and diving), no traffic.

Trawangan, the biggest, most popular island, has most facilities but is still basic. A typical day is spent on the beach sunbathing and snorkeling, night time is for socializing or watching videos in the restaurants, followed by partying.

There have been complaints about the 'spoiling' of G. Trawangan - The 'party island' character, the amount of rubbish along the beach and around the island, ugly barbed wire that cuts off the center, apart from a few access points, visitors are restricted to a 50 meter perimeter along the coast.

An increasing number of visitors are choosing to stay on Gili Meno & Gili Air, feeling that they are less spoilt.

! Warning Gili Trawangan gets very full June-Aug. People sometimes have to sleep on the beach.

i Tourist Office None.
$ Exchange There are no banks. GH's will change cash/TC, the rates are very low. Should change money before coming to the islands.
M Telephone /Wartel Collect call Rp2,500.
IDD Charges for 3 mins.- Australia Rp22,500,
UK Rp25,000,Canada Rp21,500, USA Rp21,500,
Japan Rp25,000 + 10% vat.


Island Transport
Walking or donkey carriage are the only options on the islands.

Ferry to/from Bangsal
There is a public boat, shuttle boat and charter service
Public boat 9:00-16/17:00, leaves when it's full G. Trawangan Rp1,750; G. Meno Rp1,650; G. Air Rp1,350.
Shuttle boat from G. Trawangan at 9:00 & 16:30, Rp4,000.
Charter boat Rp25,000.
Ferry between islands
Shuttle service twice a day from G. Trawangan to G. Meno Rp3,000, G. Air Rp4,000.

to/from Bali via Lombok see transport page

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