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Ceremony to expel bad sprits.

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In Bali many ceremonies are held to ward off bad luck or expel bad spirits. The sacred animal Baron walks around a village and kicks out demons. The Baron ceremony starts from a small temple just N from Ubud palace, parades around the town finally returning to the temple. Just after Baron left starts, a sacrifice is held next to the palace. A 3 month old pig is used in place of a human. The belief is that if no sacrifice is held, the hungry, angry demon will cause trouble to the community.

In the temple, people offering prayers up to the Baron

Duyaba - traditional Ladies dress, very beautiful and colorful.


A little boy in formal clothing donned for sacred ceremonies


A poor little pig in a cage. Shortly to be sacrificed.



Baron participates in the sacrificial cermony


Villagers participating in the ceremony


Woman carring offerings to the Baron


In the ceremony, very calm, suddenly the screa of the pig and silence returns.


People praying after the sacrifice.


Baron procession


The main street(Jl.Ubud Raya) is completely filled with people


They have a break in a temple on the way.


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