Ende, Flores

Area Code 0381, $1=8,000Rp, Aug 11, 2001


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The capital of Flores, situated on the S coast. The center of the town is W of the town but the town itself spread from W to E in 6km.
If you travel from W by bus, you have to change to local bemo 2km W from the town. From N, almost E side of the town. The hotels are spread through out the town. You have to depend of bemos. They all try to charge more, 5000/p. You can bargain down to 2000/p easily. To get the local price, 1000/p. You have to push a bit harder with lots of smiles.
The old part of the town is W side, near the beach. Local market and shops are here. The new center is NE from the Katedoral which is E of the old section. The big road A. Yani connect The old section to the airport and E side of the town.
Warning: Malaria is the problem. No hotel has mosquito nets.
$1 Bank BNI: 2km from the E coast of the town. M-F8-15:00. Cash $1=8000, yen=49. T/C $1=8300 yen=70. It has ATM for Visa MC
M0 Post Office: N part of the town. Walk straight from the airport road N from the gate of the airport, Jl A. Yani. It has internet service.
M1 Telephone Wartel?: E from the Katedoral. I found the sign but I could not confirm if it open not.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: ?
Hp Pharmacy: Walk E from the Katedoral. on the right side.
m Market: Jl Pasar Baru Barat. Walk E from near the Katedoral along the beach side road. Local market.
s Souvenir shops: W end of the street along the beach in the old section of town. Selling ikat and traditional goods.
@ Internet: at GPO: 10000Rp/hr M-Sa8-20:00 When the post office is close, enter from the side door.

A Airport: Jl A. Yani, NE of the town.
B1 Bus Terminal for West: 2km W from the old part of the town. Bemo to the center 1000Rp/p.
to Bejawa 15,000Rp
B2 Bus Terminal for NE: 2-3km NE from the new part of the town. Bemo to the center 1000Rp/p
to Moni 5,000Rp, to Maumere 15,000Rp
F Ferry: ? Pelni boats stop here.
ta Pelni Agent: E from the Katedoral. Open only M-F. The schedule is being posted at the door.

Local Transport
Bemo: There are many bemos(minivans) are running through out the town. Many are passing by W of Katedoral. You have to ask the driver where they go. 1000Rp/p. Bemos from the bus terminals ask extra(such as 5000/rp) Bargain hard.



Very hard to shop around. No center of the accommodation. But you can ask bemo drivers. They all know all hotels in town. Most of the hotels are rundown. The quality is very low. Most of them serve free breakfast. But just a coffee and slices of bread.

There is one place where you can find 3 decent hotels.

h1 Hotel Safari: on A. Yani, 2km from old Ende. ab small s/d25,000, large 40,000 bf TV in lounge C3. Both types are equally rundown. Some rooms look better than others so ask to show a few rooms before you decide. It has a beautiful garden. Rec
h2 IKHlas Hotel: Next to H.Safari, T21695, sb 10/15, ab 20-30/30-40 bf TV in lounge C3. The garden is not as beautiful as H.Safari but the rooms are better than Safari.
h3 Merapati: Walk E from ones above and find a small sign. Turn left to the small alley. 50m on the right side. T22585, ab s20 d35,000 bf C4. Rooms are large and one of the best. Rec
h4 Dwa Putra: Jl Yo Sudarso 27-29, T21685. small ab s25 d35, large s55 d60 C3 school like large building. One of the better ones in town Rundown
h5 Hotel Wesata: T22243, sb 15/25, ab 20/30, a/c TV40/60 bf C3, Rundown hotel but the food at the restaurant is very cheap

r1 Sarina Restaurant: Jl Pasar Baru Barat or Jl Raja Centris. Chinese. Very delicious and the prices are very good. Some travel information can be found on the wall. Highly Rec

S1 Blue stone beach: 4km from the old part of the town. There are many "green stones" on the beach.

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