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Candidasa is a good base for excursions to the sights in East Bali.
We have not confirm the entrance fee info in 2001. Those are our estimate amount.


S Tenganan, Bali Aga: Village 4km from Candidasa. Donation(Rp5000?), Highly Rec
Community of descendants of the Bali Aga - original Balinese.
Has a strong community feel. The people maintain many customs and practices that have disappeared elsewhere on the island. One of the few places still producing double ikat textiles. A villager will probably show you around, this is helpful, reduces the feeling of intruding. There are some souvenir stores. A number of hotels organize trips. If you are lucky you may get to see festival celebrations or watch the schoolchildren rehearsing classical dance..
transport: take a bemo heading for Klungkung, get of at turn-off to Tenganen, walk or take an ojek.
Photo: Girls practicing Bali dance in this village.

13km from Candidasa,
Though historically important, Amlapura is now a quiet, rural town with one major sight - Puri Agung Palace.
Amlapura serves as the transport hub for sights in the area - Ujung Water Palace, Tirtagangga Royal Bathing Pools.
Bemo Rp2000+, from Candidasa.

S Puri Agung Palace: E side of Jl Gajah Mada, Amlapura
Open: 8-18:00 Entry fee: Rp2500?
Amlapura' s main attraction Run down small Palace complex. Info pamphlet Rp1000?
S Ujung Water Palace: 8km S of Amlapura Donation (1-4000?) Rec
Built from the late 19th - early 20th C. Many of the Palace buildings were destroyed by an earthquake, even in its ruined state it is incredibly beautiful - beside the sea, volcano backdrop, set amongst rice terraces.
transport Bemo from Amlapura Bemo station, S of Puri Agung.
warning! Amounts entered in the donation book are too high and very suspect. The numbers have been changed to persuade people to donate more.
S Royal Pools Tirtagangga 7km N from Amlapura,
Entry Fee: Rp2500? video Rp2,500?, Highly Rec
Water Palace/pool
complex with stone fountains and animal sculptures. Swimming possible in 2 of the pools. Restaurant within complex. The water is channeled from Mountain streams. Beautiful setting amongst rice terraces.
Looks like a prototype for a modern water park - great fun. Very popular with locals.
transport: Bemo from Amlapura. Rp1000

27km W. from Candidasa, 47km E from Denpasar, 29km E from Ubud, 38km W from Amlapura.
The location of the Taman Gili (Royal Palace), one of the most visited sights in Bali. Klungkung has an attractive main street, market, 2 tourist restaurants & several cheaper, local restaurants.
transport: Bemo : from Candidasa Rp3,000, Batubulan Rp3,500

S Taman Gili (Royal Palace): Town center, across from the main street Entry fee: Rp5,000?,
Palace compound built in early 18th C. Houses the Kherta Gosa, Bale Kembang & Museum.Highly Rec
Kherta Ghosa (Hall of Justice) Built in 18th C.
The ceiling murals show vivid impressions of Heaven & Hell.
Bale Kembang (Floating Pavilion) Built in 18th C.
Pavilion set within lotus-filled moat. Also has ceiling murals.
Museum Formerly a school. Depicts the history of Klungkung,
& houses a collection of local cultural artifacts.A recent addition is an excellent art collection featuring the works of Koleksi Ambron, an Italian artist, who spent much time in Indonesia from 1930's onwards. Many of the paintings show scenes of daily Balinese life.Highly Rec

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