Area Code0363, US$1=Rp9,450, May 1, 2005

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Accommodation is of a high standard. All places listed have rooms with attached baths. The most important factor is whether or not there is access to a beach area.
There are 4 areas in Candidasa. Area 1-just W(out side of Candidasa) from the gate of the town. Area 2-from the gate to the lagoon. Area 3 E from the lagoon on the main road. Area 4-the main road goes away from Candidasa but the small street from the main road continue running along the beach and many middle and high class hotels are on this road.
- d Rp100,000 d Rp100 - Rp200,000 d Rp200,000 +

Area 1: Just W from the gate of Candidasa
W from Candidasa town, just 200 m W from the gate of Candidasa. A small cluster of budget hotels.
h40 Flamboyant: W of the 3 GHs. T41886, f s50/60-100,000, bf towel C3. basic large rooms. Western woman running.
h41 Bali Santi: T41611,, f ab backside d70,000, sea front d135,000Rp R(sea view) bf C4 good garden Rec
h42 Pelangi HS: next to Bali Santi. T41270,
f ab d70-100,000 bf C4, Basic but clean

Area 2:
E from the gate and W from the Lagoon, W part of Candidasa
h1 Ari Homestay: T081-7970-7339, just E from the gate of Candidasa, N side. f ab d50-70,000 bf HW(+10,000) tea/coffee bf C3 real homestay run by a western husband and Balinese wife. Really cozy place Rec
h2 Fajar Candidasa: After the W gate of Candidasa, the first hotel on the sea side. T41538,, f ab $30/40, a/c $50/60 bf sw R(sea view) C5
h3 Pondok Geringsing: W end, S side, T41084
Old f ab d50,000, bf C2, New a/c ab HW d300,000 C5 Old ones are rundown. new ones are large beautiful rooms with Bali traditional deco
h4 Homestay Segara Wangi: S side, Central-W T41159
s30,000 d40,000, bf C3 Slightly better option than Geringsing. Basic but not as bad as the reception. Most rooms have some sea view. Good porch. Good value Rec
h5 Temple cafe & Seaside Cottage: S side, Central-W T41629, f ab(CW local) 35/50,000, ab(western) 60-70/70-80 a/c HW 190/210,000 R(no sea view) +10%, C4 Rooms are large and very comfortable even for the cheap options. Relaxing space with benches on the sea side and a nice garden Highly Rec
h6 Iguana Bungalows: T47973, iguana/, f ab 120/150,000, a/c d250,000 sw C4. middle class hotel good garden with seaview. A bit overpriced.
h7 Pandan Bungalows: T41919, f ab d100,000 HW C4. small rooms with bath tubs.
h8 Candidasa Beach Hotel: T41126, a/c a fr HW TV(L) $70-135 bf C5 off season 50% off
h9 Agung Bungalows: T41535, f ab 50/80,000, 100/150,000 bf C4 seafront garden comfortable bungalows.
h10 Pondok Bambu: T41534,, a/c ab $30-60 fr HW R bf R(no sea view)C5
h11 Dewa Bharata: T751764, f ab $20/23, a/c $30/35, f seafront $35/45 bf sw HW R(sea view) C4 Bali style garden, over priced
h12 The Grand Natia Bungalows: T42007,, a/c ab $30 seafront $55, STV(E) sw HW fr C5 high class hotel but the porches are too small.
h13 Homestay Kelapa Mass: W of lagoon, towards beach. T41369, f ab d100,000, seafront 200-250,000, a/c d300,000 TV(L) bf R(no sea view) I C4 the quality is low.
h14 Kubu Bali: W of lagoon. Middle of the town. N side T41265 a/c b standard s$50 d$55, suite s$60 d$65 HW C5
Bungalows are laid out on the slop of the mountains with beautiful garden. Excellent view. One of the most beautiful hotels in Bali. The problem is that it is very hard to climb up to your rooms. Highly Rec

Area 3: E from the lagoon on the main road
h21 Dewi Bungalows: E side of lagoon, T41166, f ab garden view 50/80,000, lagoon view 70/80,000 C3
h22 Sindhu Brata: just behind Dewi, T41825, f ab d100-150,000 a/c d200,000 C3 Sea view from some rooms.

Area 4: The main road leaves from Candidasa and a small street continues running along the beach. Mainly hotels on this road are middle and high class
h23 Barong Beach Inn: T41127, f ab 40/50,000 C2, seafront 50/75,000 bf C3 badly managed rooms and the garden.
h24 Sasoon: T41511,, full hotel facility $250 K sw C5 private pool beautiful large high class villa but no sea view.
h25 Hotel Genngong: T41105, f ab 60/75,000, a/c 100/125,000 C3 spacious garden. Block rooms with large porches. Take 2F rooms for view.
h26 Reson Prima: T41373, a/c ab 200,000 TV(L) fr bf sw R(sea view)C3 1F rooms are very dark. Take 2F rooms
h27 Puri Oka: T41092, f ab d100,000, a/c 250,000, R(sea view) bf C3 a bit rundown but nice classical deco.
h28 Ida Beach Village: T41118, f ab $40(hs$55), a/c d$50(60) sw R(sea view)C4. a/c bungalows are set backside. Fun bungalows are traditional 2F units with sea view.
h29 Puri Pudak: T41978, f ab d100,000 bf C4 only new ones are rented out but old ones are closed.
h30 Asoka: T41567, f ab d60,000, bf C4 good garden but no sea view
h31 Sekar Orchid: T41086, f ab d250,000, C4 good garden. Sea view from the most of the rooms but They are renovating old units and over priced.
h32 Bali Shangrila Beach Club:, full facility $45-195 sw bf C5 Very beautiful European style resort hotel but no Bali atmosphere.

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