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On the E coast of Bali, Candidasa, once a fishing village, underwent rapid tourist development as a beach resort during the 80's. As a result of un-ecological building practices - using the reef for building material - much of the beach was eroded. Many hotels have built artificial beach areas.
Despite the development and the beach problem, Candidasa remains an attractive, hassle-free destination, offering good value accommodation. It is also a good base for excursions to sights in the vicinity.

The neighboring towns of Amed & Padangbai are quieter, less developed alternatives. Both have white sand beaches, blue crystal water and excellent snorkeling options.

Candidasa has one main road that runs parallel with the beach. The lagoon is at the far E end, the turn off to Tenganan village is at the far W end

Photo(upper) : Lotus-filled Lagoon, E end of the town
Lower: The coast of Candidasa

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