Bangsal Port to Gili, Lombok

April 28, 2005

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How to travel to Gili islands from Padanbai, Bali
1. Ferry boat from Padanbai to Lembar port,
15,000Rp, 3.5hr traveling and 1 hour waiting at the port because the piers were occupied for the delay of the another ferry.
2. Bemo from the port to Sweta, Mataram.
5,000Rp, 1 hour
3. From Sweta to Bangsal,
4-5,000Rp, 1 hour
4. A house carriage from the main road to the port of Bangsal,

From the port to the islands:
per person communal boat/last shuttle
The communal boats leaving from Bangsal(Lombok side port) to those islands (min 20 passengers) from 8:00 - 16:00. If less than 20 people want to travel, they charter a boat to travel and they divide the charter cost(about 100,000). The last shuttle boats leave to those island at 16:30
To G.Trawangan
5,000/15,000, Special shuttle dep at 14:00 10,000/p

Warning in general
When you arrive at the port, Bangsal, many touts come to you. If you don't have a boat ticket, they try to sell tickets with premium prices. If you have one, such as from Perama, they say "Your ticket is no good". The worst case, they will take your ticket and will disappear. The "Ticket Office" on the main road is NOT official ticketing office. Buy or show your ticket only at the official office at the sea front.
If you come here by public bemo, you will be dropped at the main road from where you will be advised to take a horse cart. You may take one with
1-2000Rp/p. Or you may walk for 15 min to the port.

When you leave from the island, if you want to use a house cart from the port to the bus/bemo stop, you should mention to go all the way to the main road. Your driver may take you to the parking lot, just outside of the port, saying it is the public transport centre. The public bemos stop is 2km further out from Bangsal.

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