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S River walk to Dago Tea House Maribaya Waterfalls.
A popular activity is the scenic, 6km riverside walk from Maribaya Waterfalls to the Dago tea house on Jl Ir H Juanda, Ask at Guest House or Tourist Office for info.
Public bus to Lembang
(2000Rp). From Lembang, bus to Maribaya (1000 Rp) or Take a bus to Dagoo from Alun Alun Highly Rec
S Jeans Street: Jl Cihampelas.
The fashion stores along this street have very inventive, pop-art displays out front, featuring larger than life models of cultural icons such as Rambo & Godzilla.
Highly Rec
S Geological Museum: Jl Diponegoro #57,
M-Th,Sa,9:00-14:00, F9:00-11:00 Entrance Fee: free
The largest in SE Asia. Amongst the exhibits are a Java man's skull, and a display on volcanoes. transport: microlet from Railway Stto Gedung Sate. Rp1000(direction Cicaheum)
S Kebun Binatang (Zoo): Jl Taman Sari. (97 info)
9:00-19:00 Entrance fee: M-Sa Rp3,000? Su,Hol Rp4000?
The highlight is the Komodo dragon. The gardens are attractively laid-out but the animals are kept in bad conditions.transport: Bus from railway station or Kebon Kelapa to Dago.

  Architectural sites
Bandung is famed for its many Art Deco style buildings, designed by Dutch architects early to mid-20th Century. The Tourist Office can arrange if enough people.
Information is also available from the Bandung Society for Heritage Conservation, Hotel Savoy Homann M-Sa 9:00-17:00
Below is a list of the main Art Deco style buildings. But quality is not as good as ones in Europe/America
S Savoy Homann Hotel Jl Asia-Africa #112
S Grand Hotel Preanger Jl Asia-Afrika,
Opp Savoy Homman Hotel.
S Mesjid Cipaganti Mosque, Jl Cipaganti #85. Neon, pop-art feel.
S Regional Govt. Bldg. Jl Gerber its nickname is Sate Gedung because it looks like sate.
S Villa Merah Jl Tamansari #78.
S Three Locomotives Jl Ir H Juanda #113-117.
S Gedung Merdeka Site of Museum of Asia-Afrika.
S Bandung Inst.of Tech. Jl Taman Sari. by McLain Point
S St Peter's Cathedral Jl Merdeka #10.
S Bank of Indonesia Jl Braga,

Local industries
There are a number of artisans in Bandung that welcome visitors. Ask at Guest Houses or Tourist Office for info.
Wayang (Puppet) Golek Carvers, Ceramic Industries, Kerupek Factories,
Chinese Paper houses factory Makes paper replicas of homes & furnishings for burning at Chinese funerals. (According to Tao beliefs, the real articles will accompany the dead to the 'after life'.)

Tangkuban Prahu Crater (the capsized boat crater)
9km from Lembang,30 km from Bandung.
Entry fee Rp6,000
Site of an active volcano. Hikes are possible to the Domas crater (lower & smaller) & Ratu crater(summit). Come early for the best views.
transport: 17km From Bandung train station(N Gate), take angkot to Lembang (Rp1,500-2000), then either a 9km hike to the crater
Or, from Lembang, take bus or colt heading for Subang 1500-2000Rp, get off at entrance gate. Walk 5km to crater.
Ciater Hot Springs: 6.5km from Tangkuban Prahu.
Open 24hrs.
Entry fee Rp6,500
Complex with Natural hot springs surrounded by scenic tea plantations.
transport: Can take colt from crater entrance heading for Subang, get of at Complex.

Candi (Temple) Cangkuang: (99 info) 48km from Bandung,
Entry free Oldest Hindu temple in West Java.
Located on an island in the middle of a lake. Included in Crater tours organized by hostels
Take Garut bus from Cicaheum terminal Rp2500, get off in Leles, then catch a boat over to the island Rp10,000.

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