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Food stalls along Jl Gardujati are cheap, delicious and convenient to the hostel area. Most Chinese restaurants are along this street.
The night market near the alun-alun also has many cheap, basic food stalls.Stalls in the Food Center, Matahari Dept Store on Jl Cikapundung Barat, have photos of the food.
Proper restaurants are in the center, specially on and near Jl Braga, NE from Alun Alun.Not many good restaurants near the GH area.
Center: N E from Alun Alun
r Savoy Hofmann: 112 Jl Asia-Afrika Riijstaffel 35,000Rp + Tax
r Braga Permai Bakery: 58 Jl Braga T433778
Bakery meals Coffee 5000, coke 8000, meal 20-50,000Rp, Stylish restaurant, pleasant outside area. Excellent ice cream.Rec
r French Modern Bakery: 35 Jl Braga T439282, 5-21:00
Bakery Coffee 2500, Cake 3-800, popular. Real French pastries. Rec
r Sidang Reret: 9 Jl Naripan T4203440
Traditional regional food Huge restaurant that is often empty. Wayang Golek performance(Sa19-21:00 Free)
r Java Coffee: At Hotel Royal Palace, Lemobng #21, Chinese Dim sum 4000+/each tea 2000Rp, 24hrs.
r Warueng Royal: At Hotel Royal Palace, Lemobng #21, Indonesian, Cheap 5000Rp+

W from Alun Alun
r Siang Siang: 34 Jl Gardujati, near the GH area. T433369 Chinese Popular. Problem is prices are not listed on the menu.Rec
r Sari Sunda: Jl Jenderal Sudirman, next to #113, T4205211
Traditional regional food Beautiful interior with scenic views of sculptured garden & waterfalls. Highly Rec
r Queen Rest.: 79 Jl Dalem Kaum T4204561 Chinese 10:30-14:45, 17:30-21:30, rice dish 20,000+, Main dish 30,000Rp+, Art deco style building. More suited to groups.

r Dago Tea House: l Ir H Juanda, The 6km walk from Maribaya Waterfalls to the teahouse is a travelers tradition. Highly Rec

Following restaurants are recommended by others.
r Handayani 153 Jl Sukajadi
r Paregu 91 Jl Martadinata
r Babakan Siliwangi 7 Jl Siliwangi, near Zoo
r Ponyo 60 Jl Malabar Sate
r Ponorogo 38 Jl Jend Gatot Subroto
r Eliza Garden 21 Jl Kepatihan
r Pak Aceng's Es Campur W of Alun-Alun night stall

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