Area Code 022, $1=Rp8,650, Aug 26, 2001


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Main backpackers' hostels are located S of train St. along Jl Kebonjati
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40 - Rp100,000 d Rp100,000 +

Jl Kebonjati
The street just S side of the train station.
h Hotel Melati : 24 Jl Kebonjati T4209750
f sb s23 d26,000, ab s/d40,000, TV 47,000 La I C4
Price range with or w/o b/room, TV..Business hotel
h Hotel Melati II: 27 Jl Kebonjati T4206409
f ab s/d48,000 La I C3
h The Old Sakadarna : 50 Jl Kebonjati (very small alley N side of the Jl Kebonhjati) T439897 sb s20,000 d30,000 tr35,000 C2
Basic, quiet, old,family-home feel, but quite rundown.
h The New Sakadarna Int: 55-7 Jl Kebonjati (same alley to one above.) T4218533 f sb s20,000 d25,000 tr30,000 La R I C2 Free tea, coffee Equally rundown place.
h Le Yossie Homestay: 53 Jl Kebonjati T4205453
f sb s20 d30,000Rp bf La(2500Rp) tea/coffee I C3 TV in lounge. Noisy, free tea/coffee, manager speaks Japanese. Tour/Travel service. Rooms are small.
h Hotel Surabaya : 71 Jl Kebonjati T436791
f sb Econ rooms: s 20,000 d30,000. Std s 22,500 d32,500 C2, ab s/d50,000+ C4, La bf TC in lounge

Stylish colonial hotel but room quality variable. Some cheap rooms have dust & could also be dating back to colonial period. Photos in lobby from Colonial era. Rec

Jl Belakan Pasar
Go out from the train station S side, cross the big street(Jl Kebonjati) and continue walk to S one block and turn right to Jl Belakan Pasar,
h By Moritz :17 Jl Luxor Permai( Jl Belakan Pasar). T4205788 F4207495 f sb dr,12,500 s16,500 d25,000 bf La R I C4
Popular, friendly, live music. Highly Rec 
Volcano tour 65 ,000 The address is correct but don't follow it. It is on the same street of New Le Yossie.
h New Le Yossie: 112 r T4266036 Jl Belakan Pasar
f ab s/d25-30,000 La R I Free tea/coffee C3 Rooms are small as the Old Yossie but It has a garden with table and benches. Very sociable. Rec

Jl Pasirkaliki is the street W from the train station, running N to S.
Go out the train station and walk to W. The first big street.
h Hotel Patradissa II: 12 Jl Pasirkaliki, Just S from the rail, off Jl Pasirkaliki to E. T4202645, f s/d40,000 bf HW La I C5
Friendly hotel, slightly better facilities than the hostels..Rec
h Hotel Cemerlang: 45 Jl Pasirkaliki, N from the rail. T6071383
a/c s/d140,000, bf HW La F I C4 .Free transport, TV phone. Upmarket modern hotel. Rec
h Hotel Royal Palace: Lemobng #21, T4208372 F4240376
a/c s184 d237,000 bf TV C5 Very good middle range hotel. It has 2 cheap restaurants. Rec
h Savoy Homann: 112 Jl Asia-Afrika T432244 F436187 a/c s325,000 d375,000.+21% HW R C5 Current prices 50% discount due to lack of tourists. Art deco style building. Swimming pool. Best luxury choice Highly Rec

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