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Weather: average temperature 22C.Pleasant year round.
 Dry: June-Aug  Wet: Dec-Feb
200 km from Jakarta. Bandung, is attracting an increasing number of travelers. Though a huge, industrial city, it is easy to get around and has some unusual sights, friendly residents and a small but excellent tourist infrastructure. Staff at Guest Houses, the train station & the Tourist Information Office are knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
The city itself does not have anything to see except local industries, but there are many interesting places to visit from here.
If you come here from Jakarta/Bogor, train is more convenient. If you come here by bus, take a bus to the center, such as Alun Alun and walk 15min to the GH area.

i1 Tourist Office: NE corner of Alun-Alun square T4206644, M-Sa 8:00-17:00, Su 9-14:00. No free map(good map 7500Rp) but Mr. Ajid is very helpful. Tours arranged. Entrance is very hard to find. The gate looks like closed. A guy outside is keep telling people it is closed.
i2 Tourist Office: Branch At Railway Station: 8-17:00
Map, train timetable. Friendly student volunteers, understand backpackers' needs.
i3 Private TIC (Wiwik Damayanti): Jl Kebonjati #24. Pleasant, enthusiastic young woman runs an info service, books private transport & tours but will tell you about public bus options as well. Free maps & info.
AE American Express Agent: Pacto Tours & Travel, Sheraton Jl. IR Juanda #390, T250-0303 Client mail service But it is very far in N.
Pacto Tours & Travel, Savoy Hotel, Jl Asia-Afrika  T4204739 F51983
$1 Bank Bali: #67 Jl Jend Sudirman ATM M/C Cirrus, Alto. Most competitive bank rates. $1=8585Rp, yen=71Rp.
$2 Moneychanger Golden Megah Corp.: 180 Otto Iskandardinata T438438 M-F8:30-16:30, Sa 8:30-14:00, the best rates.$1=8686Rp, yen=71.4Rp. A#1=4590, GBP=12,425Rp
$3 Golden Megah Corp.: Branch: #89 Jl. Juanda
M0 Post Office GPO: 49 Jl Asia-Afrika 8:00-19:00
Poste Restante, International phones. Internet (5000 Rp/hour)
M1 Telephone Office-Wartel: Naripan #39, 6-23:00 Collect call OK
M2 Info Mitra: Jl Braga 23. T4260532. Wartel 24 hours,
@ 24hrs, 5000 Rp/hr (18:00-22:00, 8000 Rp/hr). Fast.
I Immigration: 82 Jl Surapati
P Police Office: Jl Merdeka
H1 Hospitals: Bromies: 161 Jl Cihampelas T82091
H2 Pharmacies: Dewi Sartika: 89 Jl R Dewi Sartika 24hrs
Hp Kimia Farma 12: 1 Jl Ir H Juanda 24hrs & Braga +Asia Afrika
E43 Austria Consulate: 2A Jl Prabu Dimuntur T4239505
E33 France: 32 Jl Purnawarman T4207877
E31 Netherlands: 25 Jl Diponegoro T4217795

A Airport: Husen Sastra 4km NW of city, T615871 Rp15,000(bargain). by taxi. No direct bus/angkut
a1  Merpati: Jl Kebon Jati Kav A-1 #62, T730-2746
T Train Station: Jl Stasion Barat, behind Bemo station. Station Master's office open 24 hr.
B1 Lewi Panjang Bus Terminal: Jl Dewi Sartika.
Buses to West - Bogor, Jakarta.
To the center Take a bus to Alun Alun.
To the bus station Angkot #23 on Jl Astana Anyar to jl Panjang then walk 10min or take a bus on the street.
Or We did not confirm but large buses must be running between here and Lembang, through the town, Astana Anyar and the train rail. Get off or take the bus just S from the rail(Jl Suniaraja)
B2 Cicaheum BusTerminal: Jl Jendirman A Yani,
Buses to East, North (Pangandaran, Yogyakarta)
We did not confirm but buses and angkots must be running between here and Kebon Angkot terminal or Leuwipanjang, through the town center. Get off or get on Alun Alun.

Public bus Rp700, According to distance.
Angkutan kotas Rp800-1500, According to distance.
Taxis Metered / un-metered.
Travel Agents: Can book tours/buses at hostels.
ta1 Interlink: 5 Jl Wastukencana
GA Garuda: Grand Hotel Preanger T4209468, M-F7:30-16:30
a2 Bouraq: 27 Jl Cihampelas T437896
a3 Merpati: 62 jl Kebon Jati. T 7302737

Bandung is the manufacturing center of Java. Textiles, especially jeans, are very cheap.
m1 Market: Pasar Baru: Jl Otto Iskandardinata
m2 Market: Pasar Malam: (night market) NE of Alun-Alun, near Rumah Mata Hari.
m3 2nd hand goods market: Jl Arjuna
m4 Bird Market: Jend. A Yani
m5 Jeans Street: Jl Cihampelas Pop-art designed fashion store fronts have become a tourist sight.
Shopping Centers In Dalem Kaum-Dewi Sartika/Jl Braga area. Most have Supermarkets & Cinemas.
sc Plaza Bandung Indah S.C.: 56 Jl Merdeka Mall, International shops, 6 screen Cinema.
sc Mata Hari S.C. Alun-Alun - Town square.Cinemas
sc Ramayana S.C. Dalem Kaum Cinemas
sc Sarinah S.C. Jl Bragas
s Bookstores Gramedia: 43 Jl Merdeka M-Sa8:30-21:00 Su8:30-22:00

Cultural Traditional performances: Anglung (bamboo chimes)
e Pak Udjo's Workshop: 18 Jl Padasuka,15:30, 15,000Rp
e ASTI, Institute of Fine Arts: 212 Jl Buah Batu. Info from Tourist Office.
e Sindan Reret Restaurant: 9 Jl NaripanSa 19:00-21:00
Free with dinner. Huge rest, often empty
e Rumentangesiang Cult Hall: Jl Jend A Yani, near Kosambi market.2nd Sa of month. Dance or Wayang.
c Cinemas: Most shopping centers have cinemas - Plaza Bandung Indah, Ramayana, Mata Hari.
Regent Cinema:
Veteran + Tabmlong has 3 screens 9000Rp

@1 Post Office GPO: 49 Jl Asia-Afrika 8:00-20:00
1500/first 18min. then 500/6min.or 5000/hr
@2 Lembong: 11 lembong #34, 8-16:00, 4000/hr Lots of students.
@3 McWeb: Jl.Merdeka+ Lembong #34,7-21:00, 5000/hr min. 1hr

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