Kowloon/HK Island HONG KONG

Country code 852, $1=HK$7.71, Mar 20, 99

TST: Tsim Sha Tsui

KL: Kowloon

HKI: HK Island
The main public transport stops around midnight. Limited night bus service operates after midnight - Price unknown?
Airlines See airline sheet

HK's subway system. Covers main part of KL & HK Is. It's possible to transfer to KCR at Kowloon Tung station. Ticket costs: HK$4.0-$12.5 depending on distance.
Buy tickets at vending machines. touch screen - select destination and insert money - notes or coins.
Octpuss: New high-tech ticket system, amounts from HK$150(deposit HK$50+ ticket value HK$100). When you pass through the automatic gate, you put the card on the machine sensor. The computer calculate your fair and deduct from the card. The sensor is so sensitive that you can keep the card in your bag or wallet. The pass is also valid on KCR, Ligh Railway, AEL and some buses.

Train runs every 10 min. from Tsim Sha Tsui East to the Chinese border. Costs from $3.5. To Sheung Shui station, HK$8.5, to Lo Wo station (Chinese border) HK$33. From Lo Wo station, you must have passport and a Chinese visa*.
To enter Shinzen only district, it is possible to get visa at the border.

Double-decker trams HK$2 Run E to W on HK Is.. Final destination varies from tram to tram, but all pass through Central.
Good views from upper level. Crowded during the rush hour.

*Price of A/C bus, Fees are listed on the front windows of the buses.
TST - Airport #21 HK$33* Every 15min. Airport bus
Exchange sq. - Repulse Bay #61
HK$5* Every 15min.
Exchange sq. - Abadeen #70, 72
HK$4.5* Every 10min.
Exchange sq. - Airport #20
HK$19* Every 15min. Airport bus

Between: HK Is. & Kowloon; HK Is. & other islands in area.
Exact change only at machines. If you don't have the right amount, you must buy a ticket at the gate.
Star Ferry
TST - Central upper HK$2.2, lower HK$1.7
No ticket man working, therefore NO CHANGE GIVEN
TST - Wan Chai HK$2.2 No lower deck
Central - Hung Ham HK$2
Central - Discovery Bay HK$24
Queen's Pier
Central- TST East HK$5.2
Central - Golden Coast HK$21

Ferry to Macau
Macau Ferry Terminal, Takes 55 min. from Sheung Wan, HK Is. Runs every 15min. 24hrs. Price HK$130, Sa Su: $141, Night(18-)$161
from travel agents: $115+
China Ferry Terminal, Take 70 min. from Canton Rd., TST, Kowloon. Price HK$111+ 8:00-20:00 8 ferries/day

BUS to China
Tickets available at the Travel Centers of MTR or many travel agents.
B Bus station : China Hong Kong city, W from Kowloon park, 7 min from MTR TST on foot
(some buses leave from Admiralty)
To Shinzen $65-75(SaSu$85-95) 7 buses/day mainly leave early morning. Trains are cheaper.
to Guangzhou $180, 5 buses/day

Train to main land China
Kowloon 2nd class sleeper up/min/low dep.15:00 arr. 13:10
Guangzhou $190/190/190 arr. 18:41 arr. 09:24+1
Beijin W $574/587/601 arr18::58+1 dep.09:11

Kowloon 2nd class sleeper up/min/low dep. 15:00 arr. 13:10
Guangzhou $190/190/190 arr. 19:05 arr. 09:01+1
Shanghai $508/519/530 arr. 19:10+1 dep. 09:19

Kowloon fare dep.08:50 dep.13:20 arr.15:20 arr.17:40 arr.19:35
Canton arr.10:50 arr.15:05 dep.13:55 dep.15:55 dep.17:25

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