Kowloon/HK Island HONG KONG

Country code 852, $1=HK$7.71, Mar 20, 99

Many restaurants offer all you can eat style buffets. Lunch around HK$80 The list below is from a news paper in HK. But there are many other restaurants.
All you can eat Dim Sum is also popular.

This kind of drink is currently popular

r Hon Wo Korean restaurant: 2 brunches. 1.) 68/80 Canton Rd. 2.) 3-7A Prat Ave Another brunch is in Mongkok too. Excellent selection. 11:00-15:30 HK$58*, dinner costs HK$98*
r Pizza Hut: address?
salad bar HK$20 One serving only - pile your bowl high.
r Club Lanka: 17 Hollywood Rd. Central, T2526-6559 Sri Lanka, Lunch HK$65, dinner HK$85
r Booth Lodge Coffee Shop: 7F 11Wing Sing Lane, MTR Yamatei Various
Lunch12:00-14:30 M-Sa$54, Su$66,
Dinner 18:30-21:30 M-F$84 SaSu$94
r Kowloon Shangri-La: address? Gourmet Japanese dishes HK$175 Includes sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, + deserts.
r La Ronda, Furama: address?
International HK$? Over 100 dishes.
r Dragon Boat Bar, Hilton H. address? Roast/Salad HK$155
r Tandoor Rest.: Duddell St Indian lunch HK$125
r Spice Island Gourmet Club: Wellington St
Indian HK$60/65 (lunch/dinner)

Reasonable restaurants near budget hotels in Kowloon. many Chinese restaurants offer Chinese style breakfast w/coffee with around $20
r Deli France: Peking Rd.N side Rec
good croissant. The first cup of coffee is excellent, free refills but lower quality coffee. Best valued bf I found so far.
r Yoshinoya: Cameron Rd. N side 9:00-
Japanese $17+, Cheap set menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
r Larosendive: Canton Rd. Gateway
$25+ Food is nothing special, but the coffee is good. No refills. Lunch, afternoon tea menu.
r Mac Donald: Peking Rd. N side
$17 probably the most popular breakfast place in HK. Free refills in the morning, but MacDonald quality

Many restaurants are offering lunch special incl. coffee. Usually great value for quantity, not quality. We found only one quality lunch special.
r Three-Five Korean Restaurant: 6 Ashley Rd. MTR TST, T2526-1545, Korean, Lunch $30, Excellent value. Rec

After lunch time is over, afternoon deal starts. We have not found any good ones. But if you missed lunch deal, many try to get one which includes cakes.
r Bali Restaurant: 10 Nanking Rd. MTR Jordan, T2780-2902
Indonesian, Meal from $43+, Rijstafel(Rice table)$148 +10%
r Japanese Restaurant: GIII Ocean Centre, Canton Rd. MTR TST, Japanese, $48

Night street stalls
Many street wagons sell various dishes throughout Hong Kong. Restaurants in Temple St. area set up tables outside.
Locxal Restaurants: MTR Jordan fried noodle or porridge??(rice soup) with sea food are recommended. HK$20-30
Food Stalls MTR Sham Shui Po: Very Chinese local market. Lots of food and good stalls.

health tea : at tea shops or counters. Many different types but the price is a little high and the taste is not good.
New style ice-cream parlors:
Becoming very popular. Mixture of E & W., ice cream or desert & Chinese tea. Select from photo menu.
Near budget hotels on Humphrey Ave, S side, E from Nathan Rd.

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