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Country code 852, $1=HK$7.71, Mar 20, 99

Hong Kong's accommodation options for the budget traveler rank as some of the worst in the world, small, dirty & expensive. You are very lucky if you can stay in a room with a window. Within the backpackers' budget, you can stay only in a small mini hotel/hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, such as one in Chung King Mansions. Rooms are tiny, sometimes they're little bigger than the bed.

Dormitory beds cost around HK$60, a double room from HK$200. From HK$300, you can find a relatively comfortable room with TV and private shower. Most hotels have a/c, hot showers(private or shared) and a pot for boiling water for drinks, cup noodle, etc. Domestic telephone calls are free. Dormitories are mixed.

Photo: Standard Dormitory

! Warning
Many hotels don't have signs at entrance or in the building directory. This is because they don't satisfy government fire requirements. Hotels without a sign are illegal.
Many thefts reported from dormitories. You should always lock your bags.





Chung King Mansions

36-44 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Divided into 5 blocks, A to E. Each has 2 elevators and 2 emergency stairs. One elevator stops on even floors and the other stops on odd floors. The elevator hall and stairs are very small, the stairs are full of garbage and the air is stale. It is an unpleasant environment but there are many cheap guesthouses. It is very depressing to use the stairs, but its probably a good idea in order to be familiar with the emergency route in case of fire.
BLOCK-A Prices in HK$
16F Travelers: dr65/p sb s/d 120 ab 130 T23687710
TV in lounge, lockers, Info board. @ $10/10min. $20/30min.
15F Kyoto GH: sb s130 d150 C4 Rec
15F Peking GH: ab s150 d250(w/tub) C4 Rec
14F Kyoto GH: ab d150 TV C3
13F Rhine GH: T23671991 F2721-6863 s100, ab d200 fr C4, not new but very clean. One corner room with excellent night view Rec
12F Super GH: sb d150, ab s150
11F Fortunate GH sb d150, ab s130 d200 C3
12F Super GH: a/c sb s$180, ab s$200, d$250-300
TV soap, towel, free tea/coffee, fr Rec
Most rooms have windows. Very Friendly Very clean
7F Welcome GH: s170,d220 fr C3 big room
7F First GH: ab s120 d150 C4 Rec
4F Chungking House: ab s248 d361 C4 TV,Fr,Phone in room Most deluxe option in Chungking
13F Washington GH: sb s130, ab d 200
Garden GH: sb s 150, ab d200 C4 T2368-0981
Some rooms have big windows. The rooms are very bright and comfortable. large lobby.
16F Tom's GH: T2722-4956, ab s120, d200 C4 Rec
16F New Shianghai: s160 d270 C5
10F Simla GH: ab d140 big room, but all rooms' ceiling's are cracked.
5F Royal Inn GH: sb s180, ab d250 Fr. TV Phone in room
Spacious rooms.
4F Head Sun GH: ab s100, d180, C4 Large windows pleasant. Rec
13F Mandarin GH: ab s150, ab s200, d 300 C5
8F Yan Yan GH: s200, d300 Large single rooms.

Mirador Mansions

54-64 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
The rooms are located around a big open courtyard and the corridors are full of fresh air. There are 4 stairs on each corner so it is easy to get out in case of fire. Better environment than Chung King Mansions.
16F Vincent GH: T2311-1638, ab s200,d250(big window) C4 Rec (98 info)
16F First Class GH: ab s120,d180 C4 Rec
Man Hing Lung GH T2722-0678, dr80,sb s100,d160-200 The dorm rooms are 2-bed rooms which they arrange your partner. E-mail
14F Wide Sky GH ab d180 w/Window C4
13F New Garden Hostel: dr55, d200(TV) C4 T2311-2523
13F Deluxe Garden GH: ab d170 C3 T2311-3830 no window
12F Cosmic GH: sb dr60, s100, ab d200 C4 T2739-4952
11F Tokyo GH: s150 d?
8F Sunflower: ab d150 C4 T9236-7312 Rec
6F Satisfied GH: s200 d250 C4
5F Mei Lam GH: ab s150 d200 C4 T2723-6168
3F Lili GH: ab s100 d130 C5 Room are very small
3F Garden GH: dr60 C2 Not rec
3F Blue Lagoon: dr 60, sb d200, ab d250 C4

h Victoria Hostel 33 Hankow Rd. TST T2376-0621
dr 80-130, s215, d315 C3
This hotel seems to be officially closed. But it may be possible if you talk with the manager before hand. E-mail

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