Kowloon/HK Island HONG KONG

Country code 852, $1=HK$7.71, Mar 20, 99

E1 USA: 26 Garden Rd., Central T2523-9011 M-F8:30-10:30, Sa13:30-14:30
E1C Canada:12 F Exchange Square Tower 1, Central T2810-4321 M,Tu,Th,F8:30-16:00 W8:30-12:00
E44 UK: 1 Supreme Court Rd., Admiralty T2901-3000 M-F9:00-14:00
E61 Australia: Harbor Center,24th Fl.,25 Harbor Rd., Wan Chai T2827-8881, M-F9-12:00,14:00-16:00
Visa Info see
E64 New Zealand: 3416 Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd., Central T2877-4488, T2525-5044, M-F9:00-12:45,13:45-16:30, Th10:00-
E France: T2529-4351
E Gernany: T2529-8851
E81 Japan: 46F Tower 1, 1 Exchange Sq.,Central
T2522-1184, M-F9:30-12:00, Sa14:00-16:00

E86 China, 5F Lower China bldg. 26 Harbor Rd.Wan Chai T2827-1881 M-F 9-12:20,14-17:00,Sa9-12:20
Entrance is hard to find, GF W side of the bldg.
Visa-2 photos, issued following day
at embassy single-entry-1-month HK$100, double-entry-1-month HK$150,
3-month-multi-entry $200 6-month-multi-entry $200
Same-day service $150, 1 hr service $250

at agency single-entry-1-month visa-HK$130,
3 months multi entry
6 months multi
takes 3 days process. Express service available with expensive fee.
Better to use Chinese embassy.
* Must show a business card (as it is business visa). Can get printed easily in Hong Kong.
To Shinsen Special territories Visa can be obtained on border with $100 but a visa is necessary for the rest of China.
Japan Travelers: East cean Shopping Center, 1F Kowloon You can get 6 Month visa for China.
E91 India: 504 Admiral Centre Tower 1, Admirality
T2527-2593, M-F9:30-12:00
Visa, 2 photos. Processing takes 2-4days.
6-month-multi entry visa only
US citizen's must pay
HK$160 extra.
E84 Myanmar/ Burma
30 Harbor Rd. Sunhoung Kai Centre, Wan Chai T2827-7929 M-F9-12:30, 13:30-17:00
Visa, 1 month HK$80, 3 photos, takes 24hr
4 hour service
E66 Thailand, Fairmont House,Reform Centre T2521-6481
Visa: M-F8:30-12:00, 2months HK$100 2 photos takes 24 hr
E84 Vietnam, 15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wanchai Road
Wanchai T2591-4517 M-F9:00-13:00, 14:30-17:30
Visa 1month HK$300, 2 photos, takes 4days.Over land visa is possible.
E60 Malaysia, Malaysia Bldg.23F, 50 Gloucester Rd, Wan Chai T2527-0921, M-F9:00-13:00,15:00-17:00
E65 Singapore, 901 Admiralty Center, Tower 1, Admiraity T2527-2212, M-F10:00-12:30,14:30-17:30
E886 Taiwan, 14F Lippo Tower, Lippo Centre, Queensway T2525-8315 Visa 1month $280, 2photos, need 1day

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