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Shwedagon pagoda interior


Shwedagon Pagoda: 4:00- 21:00 Rec
Entry $5
,until 7:00 no ticket collectors
Singuttara Hill, 3 km N from town. The main entrance is on S side. Entrance with elevator take E from S entrance.

The most important temple in Myanmar.
100m height golden pagoda can be seen from far distance. Inside there are more than 80 buildings.
During 2500 years, the pagoda has been rebuilt, layers added, to reach the current size and shape. The pagoda is covered with 800 gold plates and hundreds of precious stones, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, the light up at night is excellent to see.
The museum is on the S side where you see many treasures offered from people are displayed.Recommended to go early morning or evening. Avoid hottest time, the floor is too hot to walk.
Transport: From Theinbyu Red bus #10
From Shwedagon Pagoda Rd. Pagoda bus/pickups 20k

S2 Sule Pagoda: Sule Pagoda Rd. The center of town
During 2000 years, the constant renovation created the current size and shape. Feb, 1998 just new renovation was finished. You can see new plates were covered over the old ones. At the top of the 48m center spire many precious stones are hanging. The shape of the pagoda is octagonal. the number 8 is important in Myanmar. Myanmar's week has 8 days. But Wednesday is divided by 2 so that it fits to the western calendar. light up at night is beautiful.
S Maha Bandoola Park: just S from Sule Pagoda. 5-19:00
Entry 50k Independent memorial tower in the center. Beautifully designed garden. S part has a small fair ground. Popular with locals.
S National Museum: Entry $5
Pyay Rd.Pegu Bus #45 get off at Club bus stop.
Near Lao and Chinese embassy.
S Botataung Paya temple: E of town. 1km E from Strand Hotel.
Houses Buddha hair. You can see it, but it is kept in a glass cylinder at 2m distance. Unless you have very good eyes, you cannot see it. light up at night is beautiful.
S Ferry: Crossing Yangon river. $1 Near Strand Hotel
The view from the boat is excellent, especially at sunset. There are 2 boats. One is better than the other. Drinks are served on board. Rec

Suburb Sights
S Twante: Village famous for vases. Not for high class ceramics, for everyday use.
Ceramics workshops are a little hard to find, ask local people.
Transport: From Yangon, take a ferry to the other side of the Yangon River then minibus to Twante. 1hr 200k You can take a boat $1
Photo: Twante Temple across the river
S Bago (Pegu):
80km NE from Yangon. The town of large sleeping Buddha See Bago's page for more detail. Ticket $10 for all sights in Bago
Transport: see Yangon Transport

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