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Burmese Food:
Mostly Burmese food is available from small local restaurants or on the street. It is the cheapest option, but very oily.
Chinese Restaurants:
There are a few Chinese restaurants. Generally speaking, food is OK, but the price is rather expensive. West side of the town is the Chinese area. 15 min walk from the Sule Pagoda. The food on streets in this area is mainly Chinese.
Indian Restaurants:
Many Indian restaurants in town, especially on Anawrahta Rd. Mainly serving biriyani, Indian fried rice.
Many travelers have favorite restaurants, but all seem to me about the same. Biriyani + a piece of chicken
Western restaurants:
Every year new Western fast food restaurants are opening. Burgers, donut, fried chicken shops, pizza etc. But the quality is too poor.
Draft Beer:
Many beer restaurants are serving draft beer with very cheap prices. Mandalay Beer
200k/glass, Myanmar Beer 280k, Tigar Beer 350k

Sule Pagoda Rd.
r1 Sakura Cafe: Sakura Tower 2F, Sule Pagoda Rd. opp from Trader's hotel. Cafe/cakes. coffee 450k, coke 1000k. nice a/c cafe. English paper and magazines. Rec
r2 Cafe Aroma: Sule Pagoda Rd. S from Sakura Tower. a/c coffee 450k(western style coffee)
r3 Traders Hotel Lunch Buffet: Sule Pagoda Rd. W side. breakfast 7:00-9:30 $10, lunch 11:30 - 14:00 $11, high tea $7, 14:30-17:00, dinner: $14 Highly Rec
r4 Diamond Cafe: B.Aung San St. GF of Central Hotel, W from Traders Hotel. a/c, cafe time 7-16:30 Coffee 100k, Chinese dumplings 100k juice 200k. You can watch STV, specially food boll games.
r5 Adorn's Kitchen: 372 Bogyoke Aung San Rd., opp from Diamond Cafe. Chinese, High class Chinese food in high class atmosphere. Excellent food. Reasonable prices.
r6 Okinawa: just SW from Sule Pagoda. Chinese/ice cream, cheap meal/dessert
r7 Nang Shwe Li: Garden Rd. W side N E part of the Park. Chinese/Beer Next door is a similarly named restaurant. This is the one without A/C. Good & cheap Chinese food and the place to enjoy cheap beer. They have tofu dishes. Mandalay Draft beer 200k Rec
r8 Draft beer restaurants: Garden Rd. just Nang Shew Li. Mandalay draft beer 200k, Myanmar draft beer 280k There are 4 restaurants serving cheap beer including Nang Shwe Li. Lots of locals.

Shwedagon Pagoda Rd.
r10 Mr J Donuts: ShweBonTha S from St.B.Aung San St. Donuts 150k, Coffee 60k Not good but cheap real coffee
r11 Fried chicken: ShweBonTha St., N from Mr. J Donuts 300k/p
r12 Pizza Center: #397, reg pizza 900k+, large 1900k+. a/c restaurant with STV. Comfortable but pizza quality is very low.

East from Sule Pagoda Rd.
r15 Yan Shin: 36th st. + N side of Anawrahta, Chinese, full of locals. huge portions, noodles, rice dishes and more.(99 info)
r16 Morning Sun: , 36th st. + N side of Anawrahta, N from Yan Shin. Chinese, Another local restaurant which is full of locals. Tasty.(99 info)
r17 Junior Duck: E from Ferry for the river. meal 1000k+, good Thai/Chinese meal with reasonable prices. Good view, specially sunset behind the river and ferry boats.
r18 Donburiya: 112 Pansodan St., Japanese open 24 hr. Relatively cheap Japanese food, but still expensive. (99 info)
r19 Strand Hotel: Strand Rd. Luxurious atmosphere. afternoon tea 14:00-18:00, $14

Mahabandoola Rd.
Many Indian foods are available on this street, such as Indian chicken rice and many tea shops serving various types of snacks including Chinese steamed buns.
r20 Lassi: Bo Soon Pat St. + N side of Mahabandoola Rd.
excellent lassi. Full of locals.
large 200k, small 159k, Highly Rec
r21 Mimilei Ice Cream Shop: W side of Konzaydan, Just S side of Mahabandoola Rd.Local Ice cream Shop, Very popular. ice cram/pudding 150k, Highly Rec
r22 Lion World: 1F terrace(not GF). coffee 100k, meal 600k+. local restaurant serving food/drink on the terrace over looking busy Yangon street. You can eat standard Myanmar food on high ceiling terrace.

China Town(W part of town)
Many stalls at night along with Mahabandoola Rd, specially around the Chinese temple. Excellent place to walk around and enjoy Chinese food. 
r Restaurant street: W from the Chinese temple, 2nd corner,turn right, you can find many restaurants serving draft beer(Mandalay 200k, Myanmar 280, Tiger 350k) You can sit and enjoy their meal with beer. You can order sate(grilled meat with sticks)from 100k.
r Street food shop for Chinese dumplings: Mahabandoola Rd. S side + 17th. Excellent small gyoza(Chinese dumplings 45k) Sold out by 17:00.

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