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Yangon used to be an expensive city for tourists, but in 1997 many new cheap hotels opened. Also there has been a reduction in tourists so prices have fallen a lot. Except during the peak season, Dec-Jan, many hotels are almost empty.

-$5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p +

Hotel Code
Near Sule Pagoda
h1 Mahabandoola GH: 2F #93 32nd St(#453/459 Mahabandoola Rd.), ,+ S from Mahabandoola.T248104 f sb s$3 d$5, no bf C1-2 next to the Sule Pagoda. a/c in corridor. Excellent location, the cheapest GH in Yangon
h2 Garden GH: 4F 441-445 Mahabandoola, W from MTT
f sb $4/6, ab a/c $6/10, HW d$12 bf la(T-shirt 70k)C2-3 Excellent views to the Sule Pagoda. No elevator. The maintenance is poor. Sheets and towels could be clean but look not washed. Breakfast is not good.
h3 May Shan GH: 115/117 Sule Pagoda Rd. W side just N from the pagoda. a/c ab s$14,d$28 HW bf STV towel C4
Just opened, good location. Tastefully furnished, spacious rooms.
h4 Pyin OO Lwin GH I : 183 Maho Bandoola Garden St.T240022 F240058 sb s$8, d$14 fr C3 no bf Old, small, really basic rooms.(99 info)
h5 Pyin OO Lwin GH II: just opp from the one above T243284 F240058 ab $6/11, STV in lobby(no English) fr in lobby HW C4 Very new clean, decorated rooms. Rec
h6 Beauty Land Hotel: #188-192, 33rd St East side T240054. From Sule pagoda, go N 1 block and turn right and turn left at the first corner to 33rd street. sb s$8 d$15, ab HW TV d$18 bf C4 New GH and very helpful staff.

W from Sule Pagoda Rd.
h10 Yangon GH: 317 Bosunpat St.T252420, a/c in corridor sb $5/p STV in lobby, fr in lobby HW bf C4, Small rooms, desk. Friendly helpful staff
h11 Sunflower Hotel: 259/263 Anawratha Rd. + Bo Soon Pat, T252197, a/c sb fr TV $10/15, ab s$15/20 HW STV Fr bf desk C4 big room.
h12 Polo GH: 240 Anawrahta Rd. one street W from one of Yangon GH, T241252, a/c sb $5/p C2 Basic.
h13 White House: #69/71 Konzaidan Rd., S from Mahabandoola Rd. T240780, sb a/c dr$3, f sb $8/14, a/c ab $10/16, HW bf(Excellent buffet) C4 Excellent view from the top of the roof. They have many plans for improvement, such as jaccuzzi on the roof. But the dorm has a hospital like atmosphere. Rooms are basic.Rec
h14 Daddy's Home: 107 Konzaidan Rd. S from Mahabandoola Rd. T252061, f sb $6/p, a/c ab $20 bf STV in lobby @($1 to send) C4 rooms are tiny, all rooms are basic.

E side of the Sule Paoda Rd.
h20 Tokyo GH: 200 Bo Aung Kyaw St.T287143. a/c sb $4/8, TV in lobby fr in lobby I bf C4 New hotel. Basic rooms. Good travel notes. Very comfortable meeting room.
h23 May Fare Inn: 57, 38 St S from Merchant Rd. T281-924, a/c ab $10/15 HW bf C4 New hotel. Reasonably-sized rooms, blue painted, aquarium feeling.
h25 Ayeyar Hotel : 170/176 Bo Aung Kyaw St. T202271,
a/c ab $20-25/25-30 fr STV HW bf C4-5

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