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 Best Season : Dec - Jan
 Hot: Feb - Mar, 35 degrees
 Rainy: Jun - Oct
This city was originally built by King Alaungpaya in 1755 and named Yangon. In 1851 the British colonized Burma, re-named it Rangoon and made it the Capitol of Burma. Burma became independent in 1945. About 10 years ago the city's name was changed backed to Yangon.
Currently governed by SLORC, a military regime, there are many internal problems., and much worldwide condemnation concerning human rights issues. Despite this large foreign investment programmes continue.
In Yangon many buildings are under construction. It seems to me that Yangon is not a Burmese city but an international city mixed with Burmese, Indian Chinese influences.
The town stretches E to W along the Yangon river. S from the railway is the central district of Yangon. Many government buildings are in this area, especially near the river,

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