Area Code 01, $1=1050kyat, Feb 12, 2003

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( # ): Location on the Free Map
E1 USA 581 Merchant St. T282055 (K35)
E44 UK 80 Strand Rd., T281700
Also for New Zealand Swiss citizens (K35)
E61 Australia 88 Strand Rd.T251809 (K35)
E33 France 102 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Rd.T212523 (I 37)
E49 Germany 32 Natmauk Rd.T548951 (K37)
E81 Japan 100 Natmauk Rd. Bus #43,T549644
M-F 8:30-12:30, 13:30-16:00 (K38)

E855 Cambodia: T546157 (J38)
E86 China: 1 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Rd, T221926, M-F9:00-12:00 1-month Visa, US$30, takes 1 week, 1 photo Transport: bus #45, one bus stop after Pegu Club bus stop, then go back a little then turn to W(right) walk 300m (H36)
E84 Vietnam: 36 Wingabor St., T548905 M-F 8-11:30, 13-16:00
1-month Visa US$55 Transport : take bus #43, After the first lake,Kaw Daw Gyi Lake, get off and walk 100 m N, then turn right into Wingabor street. Walk 50m.(J38)
E91 India: 545-547 Merchant St,E from Sule Pagoda Rd. T282550 9:30-12:00 6 month Visa : most nationals $65, USA $85, Japan$33, FEC is OK. need 72 hours 2 photos. you may need a letter of recommendation from your own embassy and photocopies of pages of passport. (K35)
E856 Laos: A-1 Dipl. Qu., Taw Win Rd, T222482, M-F9:00-12:00 1-month USA-$43, Australia-$38, Canada-$50, NZ-$33, European-$33. Japanese-$43, takes 3 days & 2 photos
Transport: Bus#45, Pegu Club Bus stop (I 36)
E66 Thai: Pyaya Rd, 6 1/2 miles T533082 M-F 9:00-11:30, 2 month Visa $15 Phone first and confirm the location, far from the center. The location on the free map is that of the Thai residency, not the embassy. (H39)
E60 Malaysia: 82 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Rd., T220248 (I 36)

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