Area Code 01, $1=1050kyat, Feb 12, 2003

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Best season: Nov-Jan Hot: Mar-May (35 C) Rainy Jun-Oct
i Tourist Office: MTT 77-91 Sule Pagoda Rd T278376 8:30-17:30, Staff speak English. They sell maps but the free map is better. Ask for it though often out of stock.
They book flights, bus, trains. Arrange Visa extension. Charge commission($2). You can book yourselves. Unofficial exchange counter is back of the office. The rate is not the highest but it is safe.
$1=1050k, 1FEC=950k
AE American Express: 8km N from town in Celon Village just off from Pyay Rd.T530206 No sign, hard to find, phone first to ask directions.
$1 Foreign Trade Bank: E from Maha Bandoola Park, S from Sule Pagoda.M-F 9:00-14:00, T/C Com $2
Possible to change major foreign currencies to FEC.
$2 Official Exchange: Theinbyu Rd, just S from Merchant Rd.
Not functioning. Change only at the black market.
$3 Black market on street: Many in Bogyoke Aung San Market and near Sule Pagoda and Traders Hotel, usually jewelry shops have change facility. The rate varies.$1=1050k, 1FEC=950k
P Police: Sule Pagoda Rd. Opp. from Traders hotel. T282511, T199
I Immigration: Strand Rd + Boo Soon Pat St. 2 week extension -$36, 1-2 month-$72, T286434
Or you pay $3/day at airport when you leave.
H1 Rangoon General Hospital: Bogyoke Aung San St + Pyay Rd T283022
H2 Infectious Diseases Center: Upper Pansodan St. T272497
H3 Red Cross: T295133
H Ambulance: T192, T281722
H3 Pharmacy: Many in town.
M0 Post Office GPO: Strand Rd + Bo Aung Kyaw St. From the Sule Pagoda, Go S to the riverside street and turn left. Walk a few blocks. M-F 7:30-18:00, Poste Restante upper floor. You can buy stamps on GF or 1F, but you have to go upstairs to get mail franked. Parcel is very expensive but letters/post cards can be sent with very low cost.
M1 Telephone Office: Pansodan + Maha Bandoola St.
Available at tobacco stall outside the Telephone Office.
International Phone very expensive now.
See General info for more details.
For the local calls, many telephone service on street. local call
15k/call. Ask the price first to avoid overcharge.

A Mingaladon Airport: 19km N from town. Airport Tax $10
many taxis take you to hotels for $1/p on the way they try to sell tours or change money. You're under no obligation.
To Airport Taxi 2000k. No bus service You may go to Bus station and take a taxi from there to save money.
T Train Station: N of Sule Rd.
Trains to Mandalay, Thazi, Pegu,etc
Use foreigner counter or go to Station Master's Office. You can take a circle line. Many trains a day, for $1. The journey takes 2.5 hrs.
B1 Saw Bwer Gyi Gone Highway Bus Station: Main bus station for long distance buses. Near the Airport.18km N from town. Buses to: Mandalay, Bagan, Taunggyi,Pyay, leave from here. Transport: bus #51 takes 1hr, 20k/p + luggage fee 10k. They try to overcharge. By Taxi 1500-2000k
B2 Sinmalike Bus Station: 5km NW from town, Mid-distance minibus or pickup stations.Now closed. Transport: Bus#34, from Anawrahta Rd. + Mahabandoola Garden St.
B3 Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station: A bus station for Bago, Kyaiktyio. Transport: bus #43 takes 1hr, 20k/p + luggage fee 10k. They try to overcharge. By Taxi 2000k

Local Transport
Bus: Most buses leaving from around Sule Pagoda and Merchant Rd(W from Sule Pagoda Rd.)
Fare depends on the route/distance. Luggage fee is about a half of adult fare. For normal ride,
Useful routes:
To Vietnamese, Japanese embassy, Shwedagon Pagoda B3 #43 from Just N from Sule Pagoda. 20k
To Saw Bwer Gyi Gone bus station,Chinese or Lao Embassy #51, from Merchant Rd W from Sule Pagoda Rd. You can take it on Mahabandoola Rd., E bound, to get a seat.
To Sinmalike bus station #34
Bicycle rickshaw with a sidecar attached. Two persons can sit. In the center of the town no saiker allowed until 18:00. Cost around town 200k but you must bargain.
To opposite side of the YANGON river. Leaves from near Strand Hotel $1. Smaller communal boats are also operating from the point E from the ferry boats, but they will not take foreigners.
Rental bicycles: None

Touring with Travel Agents
Some say that it takes time to go around Myanmar without a guide and with only public transport. We don't agree. But if you choose to take tours or hire a guide or taxi, do so with a proper travel agent. We don't have any information about tours or agencies offering tours. I met some travelers touring with guides, they always paid double for rooms and food and paid high commission to change money to their guides.

m1 Bogyoke Aungsun Market: Bogyoke Aung San St
open till 17:00 Handicrafts, jewelry, stones, money changers, souvenirs. If you buy 20 postcards 500-1000k, check the quality. They are sometime cheap copies.
s Super One Supermarket: just opp from m1, Good shop to see the prices of common goods.
ps Photo: No info
l Laundry: at your GH T-shirt 70k, Jeans 200k. Overcharge is common so ask the price before you ask and check the price when you receive them.
ma Massage: Pansodan St.W side(S from B.Aung San)
Massage on street 2000k/hr. you must bargain

c Western movies(Original): There are a few. Shwedagon Pagoda Rd. and N from Shanhai Shopping Center, W from the train station. reservation necessary. 200k+

Festivals/holidays 2003
Many festivals in Myanmar are held around full moon days. During festivals stages for dancing & singing, food & souvenir stalls are set up. But the festivals are mainly local affairs.
PA : public holiday
Jan 4 PH Independence Day
Feb 1-3 Chinese New Year's Day
Feb 12 PH Union Day
Mar 2 Peasant's Day
Mar 17 Burmese calendar, Tabaung month full moon
Mar 17 YANGON: Shwedagon Pagoda Festival
Mar 27

Military Day
Apr 14-17 PH Thingyan, Burmese New Year
They throw water over everyone. You get completely soaked. It lasts a few days.
May 1 PH May Day
May 15 Burmese calendar, Kasan month full moon, the celebration for Buddha's enlightenment
June 16 PH Martyrs's Day: full moon
July 13 Burmese calendar Waso month, Philemon
Aug 6-16 Nat Festival only Mr Popa
Oct 10 Burmese calendar Thadingyut month full moon Light festival Shwedagon Pagoda festival
Nov 8 Fire Festival Only at Taunggyi
Nov 8 Burmese calender Tazaungmone month full moon
Nov 18 National People's Day
Dec 5 PH National Day
Dec 25 PH Christmas day

@ Trader's Hotel Business Center: $1 for send e-1-mail unto 5KB and to receive $1/page.
@2 cyber world: near Sakura Tower 1000k/hr

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