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Old Pagan
Near Arnanda Pagoda, there are a few local restaurants but all of them are serving bad food with the prices at least 2-3 times as much as ones in Nyaung-U.
r Thante Hotel: just W from the Museum.
You can have a meal/drink in a garden from which you can have a excellent view to the river.Drinks are cheap. 800k for a pot of coffee, Tiger beer 800k but food is expensive and low quality. Best place to see sunset. Highly Rec
r Bagan Hotel: Near the museum, T67145, The view from the garden is not good as Thante but their food looks much better than Thante. Buffet dinner $7, Myanmar Pot food $7 for 2 Rec

Many restaurants, serving Chinese Myanmar food are along Market Rd. They are all for tourists. The price seems to me almost same. Suddenly many Italian restaurants are opened and are serving "home made" pasta and pizza. We tried a few but we could not find any decent Italian restaurants in Nyaung-U.
Around Nyaung-U market
r Thante Bakery: N from market. Bakery Ice cream 8:30- 21:00 New a/c cafe with cakes, Strawberry Ice cream 150k is especially Rec
r Drink stand: at SW of the roundabout. Many kinds of fruit shakes For foreigners 200k, for locals 150k. I hope the difference is because they use drinking water for foreigners.
r Local cafe: just opp from W side entrance of the market. Local dirty cafe but the ceiling is high and many big posters are on the wall. Excellent local atmosphere. coffee/milk tea 100k 

Near the market on the road to the bus station.
r Fuji: Japanese Japanese set menu 2000k+, Chinese 500k+, STV
r Pyinsarupa: reported to serve  good food.
r Nila Restaurant: Old Rd. in Nyaung-U Indian about 200k
Limited selection, but taste is not bad.
r Nation: Chinese opp from the bus station. Good atmosphere, tourist restaurant.

From the bus station, walk one block and turn right.
This is a street you can find many Chinese/Italian restaurant. Prices quality of food are almost same despite of the appearance differences. We recommend to eat Chinese rather than Italian.
r Pyiwa Restaurant: Next to a pagoda. Chinese Many tables are laid out next to the pagoda which is lit at night. Atmosphere is the best in Nyaung-U. Food is Ok, 500k+ Rec

r Golden express: Old Rd. about 1km W from the bus station. Chinese 500k+ Slightly expensive.but tasty, but may be the best Chinese restaurant in Bagan. The price on the menu is for big portions. Small portions are half price. Slow service.Rec

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