, Myanmar

Area Code 062, $1=1055kyat, Jan 26, 2003

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Accommodation in Bagan is excellent value and competitive. Even during the Christmas period bargaining is possible. Prices have dropped since 1997 you can easily bargain down to $3/p. Most GH's are very comfortable.

All GHs in our list offer good value and are of a high standard.
All GH have bf, ab with hot shower

Near Bus station S of Nyaung-Oo
h1 New Heaven: between Old Rd. and New Rd. T67061
ab a/c $5/8 HW bf C4 Bungalow style, beautiful garden and relaxing atmosphere. Highly Rec
h2 Taung Za Lat: Between Old Rd. and new Rd. T67184
a/c ab STV fr $12/15, HW bf C4 New GH and big rooms. Rec
h3 Golden Village: Between Old Rd. and New Rd. T67088
a/c ab $4-5/p HW bf C4 Bungalow style, attractive garden Highly Rec
h4 New Park Hotel: Between Old Rd. and new Rd. T67122
a/c ab $5/8, facing a garden $6/10 HW bf C4 Bungalow style. Rec
h5 Prince GH.: On New Rd. T67163 a/c ab $4/p HW bf C3-4
h6 Cozy Villa: T80277,  a/c ab $4/p HW bf C3

Nyaung-Oo Center town
h7 Eden: Market Rd. T67078 a/c $4-5/8-10, fr d$12, fr STV d$15-18, HW bf C4 basic. S-TV in lobby. Roof garden Highly Rec
h8 Pyinsa Rupa: Old Rd. on the road to bus station from the market. T67067 f $3/p, a/c $4/p HW bf C2 big room, slightly higher standard than others. Rec
h9 Zar Chi Win: Old Rd. on the road to bus station from the market. T67166 f sb $3/6 C2(no worth of staying), ab a/c $4-5/p HW bf C4 The building with strange looking glass wall. Their cheaper rooms are too bad but their ab a/c rooms have good value. Rec
h10 Lucky Seven: Old Rd. on the road to bus station from the market. T76047 ab a/c $3/p C2-3
h11 Golden Myanmar: Old Rd. on the road to bus station from the market. T76046 Old rooms a/c ab $4/6, New rooms sb $3/5, ab $5/8, STV $10/15 HW bf C3-4

Wetkki inn between Old Bagan (98 info)
h10 Golden Express: Old Rd. T70101
a/c s $36, d $42 C5 High class, beautiful garden.

Myinkaba (98 info)
h Minkaba Co-operative GH: a/c $5/p bf No-HW C4 basic

Old Bagan All are high class.
h21 Ayeyear: Near the Old Bagan jetty. T67027 s $48 d$54-s$120 d$150 a/c C5 Good views of the river Irrawazi.
h22 Thiripyitsaya Sakura: Just S from the Old city wall. a/c ab $40-220/45-220 STV fr HW bf sw C5
h23 Bagan Hotel: Near the museum, T67145, a/c ab $60-150/70-200 STV fr HW bf sw C5 Good facility. The view from the garden is not good as Thante but their food looks much better than Thante. Buffet dinner $7 Rec
h24 Thante Hotel: just W from the Museum. T67144,
a/c ab $24-54/28-60 STV HW bf C5
One of the oldest hotels in Old Bagan, lots of character. Bungalow style rooms. You can have a meal in the garden and enjoy views of the river. Visitors welcome. 800k for a pot of coffee but food is low quality. Highly Rec

NEW BAGAN ('98 info)
Hotels in New Bagan are basically middle class s $15, d$20. New and very clean, good facilities. Few budget options. Bargaining usually possible. Restaurants are low quality in this area. Only minor temples and pagodas in this area. No reason to stay here.
h14 Bagan Beauty H.: New Pagan Rd.
no a/c $5/p C4
h15 Smile World H.: new Pagan Rd. T70112
s$12 d$ 20 C4 Bungalow style big room.
h16 Silver Moon H.: New Bagan Rd.S side T70161
s$36 d$48 C4 STV,Bath tub Fr
h17 Diamond Crown: Old-New Bagan Rd.
no a/c s$8 d$15 C4 Staff are nice.

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