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Area Code 062, $1=1055kyat, Jan 26, 2003

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Entrance fee to archaeological site: $10 Pay when you enter Bagan area first time (train, boat, plane entry point). It seems to me the entry ticket is valid as long as you stay in Bagan and also for re-entry. Your name and passport number is written on the ticket. You're supposed to carry the ticket but I was never checked.

Best Nov-Jan
Cool/Dry Oct-Feb You may need a jacket in the morning.
Hot/Dry Mar-Jun During day time extremely hot. Avoid sight seeing between 12:00-15:00. Evenings are cool.
Hot/Wet Jun-Oct Occasionally it rains heavily and rivers become flooded, but generally speaking, even during rainy season, it is rare to see rain and there is no problem to travel.

Areas Bagan is divided into 5 areas.
Old Bagan: Contains: most of the temple and major sites.
MTT and high class hotels are in this area.
Nyaung-U: The largest town.
Location of cheap accommodation, restaurants, shops, market ,Post office and telephone office.
Wetkki-in: Middle point between Nyaung-U and Old Bagan
There are a few hotels and restaurants.
Myinkaba: S from old Bagan, Famous for handicrafts, such as lacquer ware and bamboo. There are also some famous temples.
New Pagan: Further S from Myinkaba. In the late 1980's many people were forcibly relocated here from Old Bagan in order to build high class hotels. Now New Pagan is developing into a little town with mid- high class GHs and some restaurants & souvenir shops.

Street Names
Some roads have official names but no street signs, nobody uses the names anyway, so we've decided to ascribe names.
1 New Road: Connecting Nyaung-Oo and Old Bagan straight. Officially called Anawratha Rd.
2 Old Road: Officially Bagan Nyaung-U Rd. connecting Old Bagan & Nyaung-Oo, running near the river.You can find some restaurants and hotels.
3 Nyaung-Oo Jetty Road.: From market to Nyaung-Oo jetty.
4 Market Road: S of the market connecting Old Rd. and New Rd.
5 New-Old Bagan Rd.: Connecting Old Bagan and New Bagan
6 New Bagan Rd.: Road running through new Bagan from E to W. Many shops, hotels and restaurants are on the road.
7 Mandalay Rd.: Running from Nyaung-Oo to Thazi passing Airport and Train Station. Officially Nyaung-U Kyaukpadaung Rd.
8 Minnanthu Rd.: From E end of New Bagan to Mandalay Rd near airport through Minnanthu.

Town Facilities
i Tourist information MTT: Moved to New Bagan where is too far to use it. No info at this moment. "Free Map" is sold at many places with 500-1000k. Good tourist map. Recommend to have it. The same maps are sold at Mandalay MTT with 200k
$1 Bank: on Mandalay Rd. about 500m from Nyaung-Oo On the left side coming from town. M-F 10:00- 14:00
T/C to FEC $2 com. Doesn't change T/C to K.
$2 Money changer: Many in the market. US$1=1055k, 1FEC=950k
P Police: Old Rd. between market & bus station. T70241
I Immigration: On Nyaung-Oo jetty Rd.near market.
H1 Hospital: On Mandalay Rd. Further our from the bank. On the left side.
H2 Clinic: A few in Nyaung-Oo. 9:00-11:00,17:00-20:00
H3 Pharmacy: a few in the market.
M0 PO/Telephone: on New Rd. S side. Near Nyaung-Oo. Post office M-F9:30-15:00, Telephone 8-21:00.

T Bagan Station: 6km from Nyaung-Oo on the Mandalay Rd. Not worth using, buses are cheaper and more convenient. Train to Mandalay and Yangon. Taxi costs around 1000-2000k (bargain hard, ridiculous price.)You may take pickups from bus station.
B Bus station: Old Bagan Rd. in Nyaung-Oo, 15min.SW from market. S from Shwezigon pagoda. To Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi(Inle lake) Possible to book at GH with same price.
F Boat:
From Pagan to Yangon(only rainy season)
and to Mandaley
A Bagan Airport: 4k N from Nyaung-Oo,
by taxi,1000-2000k too expensive. Bargain hard.
Yangon,Mandalay,Heho(Inle lake):
Airline offices in Bagan: Myanmar Air, Air Mandalay, Yangon Air, but tickets are also available from agents.
a1 Myanmar air: In old Bagan, opposite Old MTT. Domestic only.
a2 Air Mandalay: moved to New Bagan. S from the pagoda on New Bagan Rd. Tickets cheaper from agents.
a3 Yangon Air: On New Rd. just S from Oasis GH. Tickets available from agents. Better to buy in Yangon, cheaper.
ta3 Agent: Golden Myanmar Hotel: Old Rd. Nyaung-Oo, T67046. Many agents are in Nyaung-Oo. To Yangon $90, to Mandalay $42, to Heho $63, from Heho to Yangon $90. The prices are almost same but some charge large commission so check them around.

Local Transport
Buses, pickups, horse carriages and bicycles.
Local buses/pickups:
running between Nyaung-U and New Pagan through Old Bagan 100k not so useful for sight seeing.
Horse carriage:
English speaking drivers can be arranged at MTT or GH's They ask 5-7000k. Bargain hard.
Rental bicycle:
Available at most GH's. Check quality. Flat tires are very common. Repair charge 100k/hole. Ask locals for repairman. They are everywhere. 5000-1000k/day

Shopping and Others
lacquer ware is a local specialty (especially in Myinkaba). Other local crafts are Antiques puppets, opium scales, traditional clothing, etc. Available in Myinkaba villages, New Bagan, Nyaung-Oo market, etc.
s lacquer ware: the Golden Myanmar lacquer ware, next to Pagan GH, New Bagan

girls working in lacqureware workshop
s Maung Aung Myan:
Near Gabyaukgyi in Myinkaba
m Market: Nyaung-Oo Food, clothes, souvenirs, etc.
s Massage Un-yunt-Aunt: Near the bus station and next to Pyiwa restaurant. 3000k/1.5hr very good Rec
l laundry: at GH. cheap. 70k/T-shirt

Festivals 2003
Festivals are held on full moon days. Usually stages are set up and singing and dancing takes place all night.
Jan Bagan: Aananda Pagoda Festival
Lasts for 3 weeks. singing and dancing, food stalls and football, etc.
Mar 17 Burmese calendar, Tabaung month full moon
Apr 14-17 PH Thingyan, Burmese New Year
They throw water over everyone. You get completely soaked. It lasts a few days.
May 15 Burmese calendar, Kasan month full moon, the celebration for Buddha's enlightment
July 13 Burmese calendar Waso month, full moon
Aug 6-8? Bagan: Pagoda Festival
Aug 9-14? Nat Festival
Sep 11-12? Bagan: ?Pagoda Festival
Oct 10 Burmese calendar Thadingyut month fullmoon Light festival
Oct 10 Bagan: Shwezigon Pagoda Festival
Nov 8 Burmese calender Tazaungmone month full moon
Dec 25? Bagan: Alotawpyi Pagoda Festival
Dec 25 Burmese month Kayinny's full moon festival

@1 E-mail: Market Road. opp from the market. 1000k/hr

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