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Mandalay tickets
$10 for S2-S6
Sagain tickets
for Mingun and Sagain
Both valid for 5 days.

Photo: Temple on the Mandalay Hill cover with small pieces of mirrors.

Mandalay Hill, Mingun, Amarapura, Sagain Hill

S1 Mandalay Hill: Height 236m hill, N of town Tickets were not required. If you were asked, please report to us. Rec
Transport: all leaves near Zegyo market.
Bus #5 (50k)to bottom of hill, pickup
Bus #1 (50k), pickup#1(100k)to E from hill. This route goes around town. When you see a temple with many white pagodas, get off walk W 500m to the entrance of the hill.
From the bottom to the top, you pass many platforms where Buddha images are kept. The ascent takes 30 min. On the top there is a temple covered with small mirror shards. On the edge of the cliff, there are many chairs where you can sit and enjoy the sun set. One of the best sun set spots.
The entire hill is sacred so you should take shoes off at the bottom. After sunset, you should come down quickly as it gets dark rapidly. Bring a torch if you have one.
S2 Mandalay Fort: Large fort occupying NE part of town.
Entrance is E side, the other side from the town center.
All buildings were destroyed during WW II and some have been reconstructed with concrete. Not much to see. In the middle of the fort, there is
Palace museum and fair ground. The fort is free to enter but the palace requires Mandalay tickets. The fair ground is free.
S3 Atumashi Kyaung: NE from the Fort, at the bottom of the hill
This temple was built in 1857 by King Mindon and burnt down in 1980 only a small part still remains. requires Mandalay tickets.
S4 Shwe Nandaw Kyaung: 12 St. + 62 St. This wooden structure was originally built in the palace compound in 1880 and was later relocated to its current location. Now it serves as a museum housing wooden carvings. requires Mandalay tickets. Rec
S5 Kuthodaw Pagoda: requires Mandalay tickets.
S6 Sandamuni Pagoda: requires Mandalay tickets.
S9 Kuthodaw Pagoda:
Built in 1857 by King Mindon
It houses more than 700 stone plates of Buddhism .
S10 Sandamuni Pagoda:
E from Kuthodaw pagoda houses iron Buddha.
S11 Kyauktawgyi Pagoda: Bottom of the hill. Built in 1878 by King Mindon houses a Buddha image carved from a single marble rock.
S12 Mandalay Museum: 24 St Houses articles of the Burmese royal family.requires Mandalay tickets.
S13 Mahamuni Pagoda: 82nd St. Houses 3.8 m bronze Buddha, moved from Arakan State in 1784. It is very famous- photos of it are everywhere.
S14 Shwekyimyin Pagoda: 24 St (82,83). Built in 1167 by Prince Minshinzaw, houses a gold and crystal Buddha.
S15 Kywezun(Buffalo Point):
22nd St W end at the river shore
Base for the transportation of teak wood.Scenes of old Burmese life can be found here. Rec
S Set Kyathiha Pagoda: 31 St + 85 St, S from Zegyo market.
5m high bronze Buddha image.
S Shwe In Bin Monestery: S of 35 St

Suburb of Mandalay
Amarapura, Ava, Sagain, etc
It is possible to visit all in one day by bicycle.
to Amarapura 50k, from 29 St (84, 85) Ava70k, to Sagain 100k from 84th St + 29st .The pickup is cheap but all major attractions require walking from drop off place.
S20 Amarapura : 11km S from Mandalay Old capitol built in 1783.
U Bein Bridge 1.2 km teak-wood bridge crossing a lake, built in 1784. Walk to the end of it, At the end of it, you reach a small island where you will see Kyauktawgyi Pagoda.
S21 Ava(Inwa): 21km s from Mandalay.
Former Burmese capitol - 500 years ago, now nothing left but a temple built in 1818. Maha Aungmye Bonzan
S22 Sagaing Hill: 21km S from Mandalay, opp Ava
Requires Sagain ticket 3.5km from the drop off point
Called Little Bagan. A hill filled with pagodas and pagodas. It's a little hard to find an official entry point where you buy a ticket.
S23 Khaunghmudaw Pagoda: 10km N from Sagain.
May Requires Sagain ticket(not confirmed) Built in 1636 by King Thalun. Famous for 46m dorm. According to the legend, It was built with the image of the Queen's breast.
S24 Mingun:Cross the river from Mandalay Requires Sagain ticket Giant unfinished pagoda and the largest bronze bell(broken)
Transport: Only by tourist boat leaves from the end of 26 Rd. RT 1500k(No OW price) dep 9:00 To return dep 13:30. If you missed the boat, you may come back with normal boat paying another 100k last boat around 16:00 Rec
S Monywa: Possible to take a day trip if you visit Thanbodhay Temple only.Highly Rec
About the temple see Monywa pages
Thanboddhay Temple Entry Free
Very unique style temple. Houses many small Buddha images.
Transport: From 89St+22St minibus terminal. minibus(500k) many from early morning. The last bus from Monywa leaves at 15:30?
20km before Monywa from Mandalay. Get off at the junction and walk 15 min or take a horse carriage
! Warning Horse carriage drivers try to cheat you by dropping you off at the wrong place - the small pagoda.

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