Area Code 02, $1=1050kyat, Feb 5, 2003

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They are many Chinese restaurants through out the town. They are far from the center. We tried a few and they all serve cheap good Chinese dishes.
r1 Mann: 83 St (btw25,26) Cheap 10:00-22:00
Chinese Good location very popular with tourists but a little oily 350k+ (fried rice) The quantity is small but the prices are cheap so it is good for single travelers. Rec
r2 Nylon Ice Cream: 83 St (btw25,26)S from Nylon Hotel 8:00-22:00 Ice cream Very popular strawberry ice cream is excellent 150k, fruit cocktail 50k lots more. Highly Rec
r3 Min Min: 194-83 St (btw26,27) Chinese cheap 10:00-21:00 Very popular also very oily.
r4 Lashio Shan: 23 St (btw 84,83) Moderate until 21:30. Shan You can select from what's on display. ?k/dish . Select up to 2 items per dish. This is a very famous restaurant but food does not look good.
r5 Bangkok Restaurant: Next to Lashio Shan/Chinese You can select 4 kinds from 20 different choices from 500k? incl rice & soup. Several similar restaurants in the area.
r6 Golden Duck: #192, 80th St+16(W side of palace moat ) Chinese. good a/c restaurant. From the upper floor good view to the palace. Rec
r7 Honey Garden: 70th(28,29) near MTT. Chinese. They serve good Chinese meal in "huts" laid in the garden.

Tea House
I personally think that the eating highlight of Mandalay is the tea house. Compared to tea houses in Yangon, they are very spacious, many different kinds snacks available. Only objection is that the hardest workers are the children.
r7 Tea shop: 25 St.(81,80) N side 5:00-17:00
High ceiling very comfortable tea house.
Good tea 20k serving nan like bread with sugar

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