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The huge, 2km square palace compound dominates the NE section of Mandalay. The center of the city has spread W and S from the palace. All streets follow a grid pattern, With street running directly N to S, E to W.
Mandalay's center has little of interest except Mandalay Hill., most of the more impressive sights such as ruins, temples, local villages and scenic spots are outside of the city.

All street names are numbers, like the US system.
We indicate addresses-
X St. (Y, Z) means that the building is located on X street between Y and Z street. eg: 25 St., (81,82) means it is on 25th St, between 81st & 82nd St.
X St +Y St means it is at the intersection of X street and Y street.

i1 Tourist Office MTT: 68 St, just S from 26 St.Go E on 26th St, S side of Palace moat and turn right at 68th st. T22499 8:30-17:30 You can reserve trains, boats(commission, $1-$2) City Map 100k. Bagan map 200k
i2 MTT at Train Station: T22541 10:00-16:00 Very helpful - much more than the main office. Old man gives you all info you want. (99 info)
i3 MTT at airport:
$1 No.1 Bank :82 + 26St. No sign in English. M-F 10:00-14:00 T/C to FEC com.$2
$2 MIC Bank: 83 St.(24 St,25 St.) M-F 10:00-14:00 T/C to FEC Com. $2
$3 black market: Around Nylon hotel, many guys come to you. No need to look for. $1=1050k, 1FEC=950k
P Police : Mandalay is divided by 8 divisions. Each has its own police station. 26 St.(btw89, 90)S side, 81St(btw29,30) W side, etc.
H1 Hospital: Aye Thiri Hospital. 26St. Big street on the S of the palace.(72,73) T32764 24hr English speaking doctor.
H2 Pharmacy: Many in town. many open till 21:00
M0 Post Office GPO: 26 St.(btw80,81) M-F 9:00-15:00
Poste Restante
M1 Telephone Office: 25 St. (btw81,80) 7:00-21:00, Call $/min: Jap $2.7, USA $4.5, UK $3.2, Australia $3.2, Thai $1.4
E86 Chinese consulate: 68th St? just N from 35th St. 8-11:30 T34457. Go E on 35th St. After you cross a small bridge, you can see a sign for it. Turn left.

A Airport: about 45km S from town. on the road to Yangon.
Flights to Yangon, Pagan, Heho
Transport: only Taxi. probably $5-10
ta1 Shining Star Tour: 81st(26, 27) T36335
ta2 Seven Star: 82St(27,28)
ta2 Seven Diamond: #28 82St(btw26, 27)
T Train station: 78 St + 30St (ordinary/upper fare)
to Yangon
$12/$30-50. to Lashio $5/10, to Thazi $27-35?, Bagan $4/9, Pyin U Lwin $2/4, Hsipaw $4/10, Kyaukme $3/9 Transport: by saiker 200-300k
B1 Bus station: 10km S from town.
Many bus companies have offices in town. Try to find them 0n 83(32, 33)Some have free transport from their office. You can book buses at some GH's.
Transport: pickup from 84st St(Zay Cho Market) heading "Samu" 100k+luggage 50k
B2 Monywa minibus station: 89st+22st. Many minibuses from early morning till 13:00
B3 Pyin Oo Lin pickup station: 81st (26, 27)
F1 Boat to Bagan: GawWein Jetty, W end of 35th Street.
Transport: early morning saiker 4-500k no problem to buy ticket on board.
F2 Boat to Mingun: Mayan Chan Jetty: W end of 26th street. only 9:00 to go, To return 13:00 boat only. 1500k for round trip 

Local Transport
Many buses & pickups are leaving from various place around the market. Many use signs for their routes not numbers so very confusing. Ask locals. At night, few streets are lit, very dangerous.
Bicycle Rickshaw:(saiker)
From Zegyomarket to MTT for 2 or l person 300k
to Mandalay hill 4-500k
Bus/pickups: Many leave just N from the clock tower of Zegyo market
To Mandalay Hill(bottom of the hill.) By pickup 100-200k, Bus #1, 5 50k. Get off when you see Kuthodaw Pagoda, a temple with many small white pagodas, and walk W 10 min to the bottom of the hill.
Warning some pickups will try to take you to the top of the hill and ask you a lot.
rental bicycle:
Many shops near Nylon Hotel, on 25th and 83rd St. 1000k/day
You should check the condition carefully. Many ask you to return by 18:00

Shopping (99 info)
Mandalay is famous for many different folk craft, such as tapestry, silk weaving, etc. You can find many shops around Zegyo market. You can visit their workshops to see the craftsmen making handicrafts. Many saikers want to take you around these local industries. May be good choice to ask them because they are a bit hard to find. MTT can tell you the locations.
s Embroidery: 26St Mandalay Gem & Craft Centre Near Zegyo market. shop is located on 78 St. (35,36)
s Silk product: about 300m E from Mandalay fort E gate. North side.
We could not confirm this location
s Ivory: Tin Aung 80St (32, 33)
s Gold leaf: 77St (35, 36) When you are in the area, the sound of the pounding of the sheets of gold, will lead you here.
s marble carving: S of 84St
s Wood carving: S of 85St leads you to 2 streets, take the left one 1 km further S.
m1 Zegyo marker: 84St + 26St
A few buildings and open air food market.You will see many kinds of handicraft and gym stones.Ronji is famous too.
m3 Night market: on 84St(27-29st)

e Marionettes: 66St(26,27) E from MTT 3000k/3FEC 20:30-21:30 Highly Rec
Quite interesting puppet show with live orchestra. The old master, over 70 years old, plays here every night. tapestries and puppets are sold here.

Festivals 2000

Most of the festivals are held during full moon. Also during full moon days, small festivals take place at some temple. Many stalls and stages are set up for dancing and singing.

stall at the festival

Feb 19 Mandalay: Mahamuni Pagoda Festival
S of the town
Mar 17 Burmese calendar: Tabaung month full moon
Apr 13-17 PH Thingyan: Burmese New Year
They throw water over everyone. You get completely soaked. It lasts a few days.
May 17 Burmese calendar: Kasan month full moon, the celebration for Buddha's enlightenment
July 15 Burmese calendar: Waso month fullmoon
Aug 20-26 Taung Pyone Spirit festival: (Small village near Mandalay)
July-Aug ? Yatanagu Spirit festival:(near Amarapura)
Aug 6-16 Nat Festival
Oct Burmese calendar: Thadingyut month fullmoon Light festival
Oct 10 Elephant Festival: near Mandalay
Oct 10 Mandalay: Kuthodaw Pagoda Festival
Oct 10 Mandalay: Kyauktawgyi Pagoda Festival
Oct 9-17 Fire Festival in Denjaw
Nov 8 Burmese calender :Tazaungmone month full moon
Nov 8 Mandalay: Weaving Competition Mahamuni Pagoda Festival
Dec 23 Burmese month Kayinny's full moon festival

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