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Inle Lake: 20km long N-S and 5km wide E-W. 4km S from Nyaung Shwe. You cross by boat.
There are many villages, mainly Mon, on and around the lake. You can observe traditional daily life and unique activities such as one-legged floating vegetable fields cultivations.

Photo: Plants growing on the bottom of the lake.
Base of the floating fields and fertilizer.

Transport and character of the lake
Boats: 6000k/boat can take unto 5 people. Price seems to be fixed. Very tough negotiation.When negotiating the price, make sure the duration and avoid paying in advance - otherwise they may return earlier than agreed. Boats available from 6:00
Canoe: 250k/p/hr Small canoe for 1-2 people. You can enjoy the nature and observe traditional daily life around Nyaung Shwe.
Fisherman controlling a canoe with one leg:
He stands at the end of the boat and maneuvers the long oar with one leg thus having both hands free to fish with.
Fishing method: Dropping cylindrical shaped nets to the bottom of the lake, then spears the fish caught in the net.
Floating vegetable fields: Bamboo is placed on the lake bed, beams are crossed over, plants are added layer by layer to create layer by layer - to create floating fields. It is said that it takes 50 years to build up 1 m thickness.
Regional market: Around Inle Lake, they are held in major town every 5 days. They are very interesting because you can see local products make by local people incl. small minority tribes.
Location: Nyaung Shwe, Shwe Nyaung, Taunggyi, Kalaw, Pindaya, etc. The most famous one is the floating market in Ywaya , but the market now very touristy, maybe not interesting any more.

tofu in market

floating field


S Shan Stilt Palace: Old palace built from teakwood, located in the middle of the lake. 1km from the floating market. M-F9:00-17:00
S Floating market: until 1997, you could see many local produce bearing boats in the market, now it has become very touristy. You will be surrounded by many souvenir boats.
S Phaung Daw U Pagoda
W from the center of the lake:
About 1hr from Nyaung Shwe by boat
Temple built in 18th C. Inside there are a few Buddha images, layered with so much gold leaf that you can no longer see the original shape..Females are prohibited from approaching the Buddha for religious reason.
Phaung Daw festival Sep-Oct The gold leaf covered Buddha are taken out and carried between temples.
Boat races with Inle style are held at this time.
S Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery: N from Ywama. famed for jumping cats - priest hold up rings for cats to jump through. you can try.
S Inle Spa: Open air hot spring. Entrance $1 with towel rental 30 min from Nyaung Shwe by boat and 15 min walk. (RT 2000k) Also you can go there by bicycle. It looks like a small swimming pool rather than a hot spring. You have to wear a bathing suit. Separate sex. The male section is open so you can enjoy good views but the female section is enclosed.Cold shower and changing rooms.
S3 Puppet show: Aung Yonegyi Rd. Next to Ever Green Hotel. 500k 18-18:30, 21-21:30. Small theatre
S4 Museum: E from the market. Take a road, N side of  the market to E. Tu-Su 9:30-15:30 $2

Towns nearby
Taunggyi: Capital of Shan State, 28km N from Nyaung Shwe.
Transport: by pickup from Nyaung Shwe 300-500k See Taunggyi for more details
Taunggyi Museum: on the main road S from the market.many articles about hill tribes M-F9-16:00
Pindaya: 39 km N from Aungban junction. From Kalaw 50km, From Nyaung Shwe ?km
Transport: Bus/pickup from Nyaung Shwe. You may need to change.
Shweumin Pagoda: Cave temple
More than 6000 Buddha images are housed inside.
Pindaya Cave Festival: March - full moon. Dancing, singing, many stalls.
Regional market: held every 5 days.
Kalaw: W from Shwe Nyaung, small village in mountain area. Good base for trekking to hill tribe villages. See Kalaw for more details.

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