Area Code 081, $1=1040kyat, Jan 22, 2003

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r1 Hu Pin Restaurant: In front of Hu Pin Hotel until 20:00
Chinese Cheap, full of tourists.
r2 Uhlapaw: Just W from Pagoda. Walk S from the market and turn right at a temple. Chinese Cheap until 21:00, very popular with locals. Better choice than Daw Nyut Yee.
r3 Daw Nyut Yee: cheap popular with locals Chinese not good at all.
r4 Tea house: SW from the market on the main road. Tea & cakes Cheap until 17:00 Cake tastes like apple pie 50k/peice
r5 Four Sisters: From MTT walk S almost end of the town. 18:30-21:00 Shan traditional cuisine?,4-5 dishes. Pay as you feel. Many pay 1000-1500k. Beer extra.
r6 Restaurant: Opposite from Golden Duck across the canal.
Shan cuisine. scenic view.
r7 Aroma: Canal road. N from MTT Indian set menu 1000k+
r8 Mr Cook: W from Pyi GH. Italian Pizza 1200k, joice 200k+
r9 Pancake Kingdom: just behind Bright Hotel, 7:30-21:30
pancake, fruit yogurt, avocado salad, etc. 250-800k Rec

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