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Best Season: Nov-Dec -water lily season, also Phaung Around Daw U festival is held around this time.
Inle Lake is located in the mountains so it is cooler than other areas. During winter it is very cold early morning and at night.

Inle lake is in the center of Shan State of Myanmar which shares borders with Thai & Laos. Part of the area known as the Golden Triangle, notorious as the center of Asian opium production.
More than 30 hill tribes are living in the mountains. The official line is that the hill tribes in Shan State are no longer growing opium. We have no idea if this is true or not.
Inle lake is 20km in length 5km in width. Mainly Mons are living in this area. Some tribes are involved in anti-government activities and many areas are off limits to tourists.

The scenery around the lake is beautiful and peaceful. Also you can observe the local people's lives. The main attractions are: - "one-legged" fishermen who control boats with one leg and use their hands for thowing fishing nets; floating vegetable fields on the lake.

The tourist center town is Nyaung Shwe,
Shwe Nyaung (a different town - don't confuse with Nyaung Shwe) is about 10km N from Nyaung Shwe, it is the main transport junction and is on the main highway between Thazi and Taunggyi.
Taunggyi. the Shan state capitol, is 28km NE from Nyaung Shwe.
Kalow : 55km W from Shwe Nyaung is the main base for hill tribe trekking.

Pickup truck from Shwe Nyaung entering Nyaung Shwe from N.
You can see the market on the left side(East). Many budget accommodation is W from the market and many upper class hotels can be found E from the market.

Entrance fee: to Inle Lake US$3. Pay at MTT in Nyaung Shwe or at GH before you hire a boat. The ticket is valid for 5 days.

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