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i Tourist Office(MTT): On the canal, Nyaung Shwe, W end of town. No English. No information. This is an office to collect the entrance fee to Inle Lake. If you need any info, ask at your guesthouse.
Other MTT Offices: Heho Airport, Taunggyi Hotel in Taunggyi
$ Bank: None. To change T/C to FEC, you have to go to the bank in Taunggyi, Comm. $2
$ Exchange: Yangon Airway office: Take the road, just S of the market to E. $1=1040, 1FEC=940k
H Clinic: walk E from the S side of the market. (toward the canal on the right side. 8:00-21:00 English spoken
H2 Pharmacy: A few in the Market
M0 Post Office(GPO): 1 street S from Temple opposite from Pyi GH
M1 Telephone: There are a few IDD telephone services are available in town. The cost is higher than the official rates. International call is possible.
ma Win Nyunt Family massage: Yone Gyi Road. E part of town. Go E from the E gate of the market. Female masseur for female patients. Male masseur is good but his mother is not as good as him. Rec

A Heho Airport: 40km W from Taunggyi, toward Mandalay.
transport to Inle Lake: taxi.
T Train: The station is located in Shwe Nyaung, very slow and expensive local line only - service only to Thazi and Yangon. To Mandalay change it at Thazi.
B Bus: All highway buses/minibuses leave from Taunggyi bus station, but you can get on from Shwe Nyaung if you have a reservation.
You can make a reservation at travel agent or guest houses.
If you take a morning minibus to Mandalay or Bagan, you have to be in Shwe Nyaung at 5:00. You have to hire a taxi to S.N.

Tourist boat


Local Transport around Inle lake
Nyaung Shwe is the small village 4km from the Lake. You can walk from one end of the village to the other in 20min. Bicycle is the best way to get around.
Rental bicycle: available at GH's, post office, shops just S from Hu Pin Hotel 500-1000k/day
Boat trips: Negotiate with boat drivers near MTT. 6000k/day max 5 people
Canoe hire: Suitable for exploring the canals near Nyaung Shwe 1hr 250k/p If you go around NS, $3 entrance fee may not be required.
Pickup truck: Overcharge is very common. Pickup station is a few block W from the market but all pickups stops just outside of the city gate, N from the market to fill it up.
From Nyaung Shwe to Shwe Nyaung
100k luggage 50k 30min.They try to charge 100k for your backpack.
From SN to Taunggyi
300-500k Some pickups go Taunggyi direct.
From Nyaung Shwe to Kalaw
1000-1500k Insist to take a front seat because you pay It may be possible to catch minibuses to Kalaw at Shwe Nyaung junction. After that you take pickups. You may change at Auban. 2-4hr


Regional Market: Held every 5 days in Ywama(Inle floating market), Nyaung Shwe, Taunggyi, Kalaw, Pindaya, etc.
Excellent market full of local produce. Attracts many locals from nearby villages. (held on Jan 28, 2003)
Taunggyi(Jan 25, 2003), Shwe Nyaung(Jan 27, 2003), Mangthawk(Jan 26, 2003), Kaungdaing(Jan 27, 2003), Nam pam(Jan 28, 2003), Pindaya(Jan 28, 2003), Kalaw(Jan 27, 2003)and Heho(Jan 29, 2003)have smaller daily markets. If you go early morning, you may see local villagers with traditional costumes.

Photo: Tofu at market Ywama Floating market

m Ywama floating market: In 1997 it was one of the few remaining authentic floating markets. However it has become very touristy with few locals visiting. Do not expect too much. I was held Jan n25, 2003.

Festivals 2003
March 17 Pindaya Cave temple festival:
Traditional dance and singing. Many stalls set up.
April 14-17 Myanmar New Year(Water throwing festival):
Traditional dance and singing and lots & lots of water.
Sep -Oct Phaung Daw U festival: See sights page. The holy Buddha is carried out with a boat. the boat goes around the lake.
Oct 3 and 13 Boat race festival:  With Inle style.
Nov 8 Myanmar calendar -the full-moon day of Tazaungmon month
Harvest festival. Parade in Taunggyi is the biggest.

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@2 Pancake Kingdom: 7-21:30
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