BAGO(Pegu) Myanmar

Area Code 052, $1=1050kyat, Feb 10, 2003

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80km N from Yangon, this town is famous for its giant sleeping Buddha. Can visit on a day trip from Yangon.
From Bago you can make a day trip to the Golden Rock Temple.

Bago's sleeping Buddha

How to get here
From North:
If you take a night bus from either Mandalay, Bagan or Inle Lake, it passes through this town early morning. The bus fare is same to Yangon but you can get off here.
From Yangon: Train: $2 for ordinally train. Bus: Many buses from major bus stations, pass this town. Also you can take city bus #51 to Hlegu then take a pickup to save money. See Yangon Transport for more details.

If you arrive here early morning, it is possible to stay here for a few hours to see all sight and continue traveling to other destination such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan or Inle Lake. To North, you better have reserve your seat while you are in Yangon. To Yangon, you can buy a ticket at Emperor Hotel Travel agent where you can leave your luggage and take shower for free if you buy a ticket.

i Tourist Office: None. Mr MG Yee, a very tall Indian , now stations at Emperor Hotel, is a very kind guide, who is happy to answer all your questions.
$ Bank/Exchange: None.
H Clinic: A few small clinics are located on W side of the river, just N from the main road.
Hp Pharmacy: A few in or around the town market.
m Market: On E side of the river. Open till 17:00 Some handicraft stalls.
l laundry: Guest houses.

Local Transport
City bus, horse carriage, saikers, taxi, etc
Rental bicycles: Not found.

A few video theaters in town

There are only 3 decent guest houses in Bago.
All are on the main road between the river and the train tracks. When you arrive at Bago, they all come to you and try to get you their hotels.
Price: single/double in US$
- $5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p+

h1 Myananda Guest House: 10 Main Rd. T22275 a/c sb s$3/d$6, ab 4/6, ab TV 8/12 sb-HW bf C4 Simple, small rooms. One hot shower in the communal bathroom. Rec
h2 San Fransisco Motel: 14 Main Rd T22265 f ab CW $3/4, HW $6/8, bf C2 Run down hotel but the manager is very kind.
h3 Emperor Hotel: Main Rd.Opp. Myananda Hotel T23024
a/c ab $4/p, STV fr $6/p C4 Good facilities and good view from the roof, a bit aggressive to get guests saying they have $2 rooms but they do not. No check out time. You can stay at your room until your evening bus arrive. Rec


r1 Three Five Restaurant: Main Road E from Myananda GH
Chinese Delicious large portions. Rec(Reported).
r2 Hadaya Cafe: On the main road where buses stop. Opens before 5:00. Full of locals Many kinds of cakes, snacks.
r3 Karaoke Club: Main road. They serve Myanmar crepe in the morning-popular with locals. (98 info)


T Train Station: W(toward Yangon) from the hotel area. 5min on foot.
to Yangon: 2hr,
Ordinary Cl. $2/Upper Cl. $4, 01:20, 02:23, 02:52, 04:11, 06:20, 07:55, 09:44, 10:30, 14:33, 14:50, 19:20
to Golden Temple: to Kyaikhto dep 6:45(arr9:45)
($3)Then pickup to Kin Pun Camp, then by jeep 1hr(300k), walk 40min. to the top to reach the Golden Temple
It is very hard to make a day trip by train. Hotels in the Golden Temple area cost
For the following destination, you had better to make your reservation in Yangon but if you do it in Bago, you have to do so at least a day before to secure your seat.
to Mandalay:
Upper $28-48, 07:53(arr21:10), 13:43(8:35+1), 18:53(7:00+1), 21:23(10:35+1), 22:53(11:30+1)
to Inle Lake(Shwe Nyaung station):
$11/$30 17:41(7:00)
to Bagan:
$9/$29 11:54(5:00+1)
to Moattana:
$4/$11 6:00(15:35), 8:54(16:55), 21:54(5:35+1)
B Bus station: 4km outside of town, but You can take most buses or pickup in front of Hayada Cafe. To go to Mandalay from Bago, we recommend that you reserve the bus in Yangon before you come to Bago but you can book it at Emperor Hotel Travel agent for most destinations.
to Yangon: 1) Many pickups until 17:00
:(300k/front seat600k). 2) Go to Hlegu by pickup(200k/400k) then change to city bus #51(50k). 3) From Emperor Hotel, shared taxi $1/p, 4) bus 500k(ask the departure time)
to Golden Temple: Bus to Kin Pun Camp
2000k then by jeep 1hr(300k) then walk 40min
to destinations to North: You can book it at Emperor Hotel Travel Agent. Reservation required. But recommend to take it in Yangon.
to Mandalay (Bus):
4000k 17:00
to Inle Lake (Bus):
5000k 14:00
to Bagan (Bus):
4000k 15:00


Bago Sightseeing ticket: $10, which covers all sights in Bago. It is possible to see many of the sights from outside thus avoiding the expensive entrance fees.
If you have seen enough pagodas in Myanmar, then Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Buddha and Mahazedi Pagoda are the most impressive of the sights here.
Many saiker drivers offer city tours with
$2 Bargain.
S1 Shwemawdaw Pagoda: 3km E from the center.
transport: city bus from the center.
Entry fee: $2,Camera 50k, Video 200k? 114m high Pagoda, the highest in Myanmar.
Sections and additions over 1,000 years have resulted in the pagoda's current size and shape. Nothing interesting inside.
S2 Shwethalyaung Buddha (Sleeping Buddha): 3km W from the center. Transport: horse carriage from center 100k/p?. Camera fee 50k, Video 200k Sleeping Buddha, Length 55m, height 16m. The most interesting sight in Bago. Built by King Migadippa I in 994. Hard to believe but it was only recently discovered. The roof was built for protection. Possible to see most of it without entering. Highly Rec
S3 Mahazedi Pagoda: 500m W from the sleeping Buddha
Built by King Bayinnaung in 1560.
The pagoda has terraces which you can climb up for good views of the area. Apart from the climb up, you can see everything from outside.
S4 Shwegugale Pagoda: S from Mahazedi Pagoda
Houses 64 Buddha statues.
S5 Kyaikpun: 5km S from Bago 4-30m tall Buddha statues.
transport: pickup.

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