Boat to China from Korea

Country code 82, $1US=?, May 6, 2004

All web sites listed below are written in Korean only
Boat from Incheon, S. Korea to China
Incheon Port: W from Soul Access: From Soul take Metro(underground) ,heading Incheon, to East Incheon. As you come out from the station, walk straight to the end of the street and turn left, walk another 200m. The port is on the right side. 20min walk from the Metro station.

To Dandong: dep MWSa17:00, arr9:00+1, Economy 115,000Won
From Dandong dep TuThSu15:00, arr8:00+1

To Dalian: dep TuTh16:30 Sa18:00, arr8:00+1/10:00, 2nd cl.115,000Won
From Dalian dep M12:00 WF15:30, arr9:00+1

To Weihai: dep MWSa19:00, arr8:00+1, 2nd cl 110,000Won
From Weihai dep TuThSu18:00, arr9:00+1

To Qingdao: dep TuThSa17:00, arr9:00+1, 2nd cl 110,000Won
From Qingdao depMWF16:00, arr10:00+1
At Qingdao port, no place to enchange money to Chinese yuen. If you can get some before you get a ferry.

To Tianjin: dep Tu13:00 F19:00, arr13:00+1/19:00+1, Economy 115,000Won
From Tianjin, depSuTh11:00, arr 13:00+1,

To Yantai: dep TuThSa18:00, arr9:00+1, 110,600Won
From Yantai depMWF17:00, arr10:0+1

From Pyeongtaek
To Rongcheng: depTuThSa17:00, arr9:00+1, 2nd cl 105,000Won
From Rongcheng to Pyeongtaek WFSu17:00, arr9:00

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