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Area Code 034, Black $1=4080: June 28, 2005

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There are 3 main GH areas in town..
1. Victoria Beach GH area: where most budget accommodation can be found.
2. Town Center area: not the cheapest but very convenient location for transport, restaurants, internet facility, etc.
3. Ochheuteal Beach area: Beautiful beach but expensive for everything.


Main GH Area, near Victoria Beach
Most of the budget accommodation is situated halfway between Sihanoukville town & port, 3km W from the town and 3km S from the port), a cluster of guest-houses on a single road overlooking the sea. These are listed below.
A small street, just off from the main road.
h1 Mash Melting Pot: The first GH on the left. T923451, f ab s$4 d$5 mos-net C2, small rooms, basic bathrooms.
h6 Christmas GH: T915498, f ab s$3-4 d$4-6 C4 large rooms.

Just after the area above, turn right at the T section,
h7 Victory Beach GH: The first GH after turning the corner. T016-600677, f sb s/d $3, ab TV $5 C3(bath room C2) rb($4/day)
h8 Mealy Chenda GH: The 2nd GH after turning the corner. T933472, f sb s$3 C2, ab s/d$5 , R(6:30-22:00 moderate) C3. The most famous GH. The quality is OK. The restaurant is a bit expensive but it has a good menu and excellent view to the sea.
Recently many theft incidents occurred. Watch out.
h9 Dada GH: The 3rd GH after turning the corner. 012-879527. f sb s/d$2.5, ab s/d $3, TV s$4 d$5-6 C4. large rooms and large beds. Excellent family run GH.The view from 2F is excellent Highly Rec
h10 Hotel So Ngoun: After Dada, go down the slope, another 5 min walk. T808500, a/c ab s$13, d$15 HW drinking water, TV towel C4

Just after the first area above, turn left at the T section,
h11 Sokha GH: The 1 st GH on the left. f ab s$2 d$3. Very small rooms and bathroom. Basic
h12 Blue Frog GH: T396386, f ab s$7 d $8, a/c s$10 d$12. towel mos-net TV C4
h13 Garden GH: The 3rd GH, f sb s/d $5 C2. small rooms and bathrooms. Basic.
h14 Beach GH: f sb s$3, d$4, mos-net R(7-22:00) C2. Basic mattress on the floor. relaxing.

Turn right after Sokha GH
h Sunset Garden Inn: T012-562004, f ab TV s$3.5+ d$5-6, a/c s/d$8 C4 Homely atmosphere. You can see excellent sunset from 2F Highly Rec
h15 Chez Mari Yan GH: T933709, f ab $10 mos-net, R(6-14, 18-22:00 moderate) C4. All Bungalows have balconies, hammocks, little sitting lounge. Beautiful restaurant.Excellent view.
h16 Bungalow Village: T012-490293, f sb s/d $4, ab s/d$5 t$6 C3. Bathrooms C2

From Dada GH go out to Main Rd and down the road
h Nika GH: T012-286191, f ab s$4 d$5 TV C4 New GH but English is not well understood yet.

Center of town.
h Okinawa GH: near the market. T012-856511, f ab TV s$5 d$6, a/c s/d$10 C3 Rooms are bit old but standard
h New Singapore Hotel: T012-893800, f ab s$5 d$6 a/c s$10 d$15, TV fr C4. Rec
h Oasis Hotel: T012-962134, a/c ab $10 d$15 TV C5
h Star Paris Hotel: T016-421919, f ab s/d$5-6, a/c s/d$8-10 bf C4

Ochheuteal Beach area
h GST GH: T016-210222, f ab s$5 d$5-6, a/c s/d$10 TV C4 rb($4/24hrs) Cottage like bungalows. new and clean Rec
h Susaday: T933907, f ab s/d$5 TV C4. Rooms are right on the beach. A bit small but clean.
h Markara: T933448, a/c ab s$5 d$6, a/c s/d$10 C4 la(800r/p)
h Apsara GH: T016-302990, f ab s$5 d$7, a/c s/d$10,TV C4 Not on the beach but homely GH

On the road between the town and Victoria Beach Area 2003 info
All GHs are located on the main road, right side if you walk from the town to the Victoria beach.Also There are several hotels catering principally to local/Chinese clientele. Rooms from $5
h20 Osamath GH: ab $5-6. C4, Very comfortable balcony. Rec
h21 GH: #971 Main Rd. ab no window $5, sb window $5, C3, rooms/bathrooms are very small.
h22 66 GH: #66 main Rd. 011-340070, d$5-6, STV C5. Rooms are very large. Highly Rec
h23 GH: #63, Main Rd. d$5, C3, small rooms
h24 Ro Ro GH: in front of Apuchea Hotel and Vietnamese Consulate.T016875889? d$5, C3
h25 Hotel Dana/Paris Hotel: Ekareach, T933608, f ab HW TV 47, a/c $10 C4. Rec

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