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Sihanoukville already plays an important dual role as Cambodia's major seaport & principal coastal tourist resort. The opening of the Thailand/Cambodian border at Hat Lek to foreign tourists now provides a comfortable means of getting from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, via Sihanoukville.The town is earmarked for further significant development and is definitely worth a few days if you are passing through. Sihanoukville is a typically relaxed, friendly Cambodian town, at the hub of which is the large market. In addition there are a number of good, quiet & un-spoilt beaches, diving & snorkeling off nearby islands, and a number of interesting places to visit in the vicinity, such as Kep, Kampot & Bokor.

The center of the town is on either side of the main road where the buses from PP arrive. The bus stops in rather W part of town where many travel agents's offices are found. Heading E, the road splits, 2 hospitals are located on the N side of the junction. The right branch road leads to the major beaches.

Victoria Beach area where many budget accommodation is located is 3km W from the center of the town. This road leading to the main GH area, also leads to the port and the train station.

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