PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Area Code 023 US$1=4100riel, June 27, 2005

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All tickets can be arranged at travel agents or GHs.

A Pochentong Int'l Airport: 8 km W from town. Undergoing major expansion. departure Tax: Int'l $20 domestic $5
from/to town -
share Taxi, (official - buy coupon)
US$7, Taxi outside $5,
shuttle bus
$2/p, 9/9:30-18/18:30 drops off at hotels and Guest houses, moto-taxi $1/p Flights to Siem Reap, Bangkok, HoChi Minh and Vientiane.
to Siem Reap: VJ-$56, PG-$71, RL-$60
to Battambang: a1-$99
to Ratanakiri: a1-$64, RL-$60
to BKK: PG-$115, TG-$145
to HCMC: VN-$84, to Hanoi: VN-$94
to Vientiane: QV-$139
VJ Royal Air Cambodge: 206A M.V.Preah Norodom T428830F428806 PP-Siem Reap $56,Also at the airport.
VJ Royal Air Cambodge Branch: St 114, Next to Camb. Com. Bank.
a1 President Airlines: 13-14A/298 Maotse Toung Blvd, T993088, F993111 M-F8-17:00 Sa8-12:00. to Battambang $99, to Ratanakiri $64
a2 Siem Reap Airways: ?
a3 Royal Phnom Penh Airlines: #209 St19, T217417
PG Bangkok Air: #61, A. Street 214, T300-409. M-F8-17:00. to Siem Reap $71(dep6:45,9:50,17:50), to BKK $115(dep9:20, 15:40, 19:50), to HCM $75,
RL Royal Phnom Penh Airways: #209 Street 19, T990692,
to Battambang
$?7:00 , to Siem.Reap $60(return$110), dep7:35 15:55, to Ratanakiri $60(return$110) dep W F-M10:00
TG Thai Airways: #294 Mao Tsu Toung Blvd. T214359, M-F8-16:30, Sa8-12:00, to Bangkok $145(return$235) dep10:30, 19:20
QV Lao Airlines: #58 B.Sihanouk Blvd. T216563, M-F8-11:30, 13-16:00, Sa8-10:00, to Vientiane $138(return$248)
VN Vietnamese Airlines: #41 St214, T363396, M-F8-12, 13:30-16:30, Sa8-12:00, to Ho Chi Minh $84(return$138), to Hanoi $94

Train travel is considered as safe, but check on the current situation before you take. Trains are very slow, crowded and hot, however they are a very cheap and friendly way to travel. Arrive early to get a seat. Many food sellers. Until recently, the train travel in Cambodia has had a reputation for being very dangerous. This is no longer the case though there has been an isolated incident of banditry within recent months. Check on the current situation.Trains are very slow, crowded and hot, however they are a very cheap and friendly way to travel. Arrive early to get a seat. Many food sellers. The train fares below are for foreigners, 3 times more than locals.
T Train Station: M.V.Preah Monivong, Boeng Kok, SE from the lake. Art-deco building, same color as Central Market.
Services to Battambang/Sisophon & Kampot/Sihanoukville The trains leave at 6:20 every other day. The information/ ticketing booths are open only in the morning of the departure day.
Currently only Sihanoukville line is being suspended.
Phnom Penh to Battambang:
MWF 6:20 arr 21:30, 12,400riel Battambang to PP: dep6:40, arr 20:00
to Kampot:
7,500riel, to Sihanoukville: 11,800riel
Report from David Click: The Battambang Express

bus services from Phnom Penh are increasing, Security has improved, the roads need to be improved! Avoid night travel.
!Warning, though popular with travelers, parts of the road are in a terrible condition. Quite an experience if you can withstand the jolting ride, dust and avoid burning after several hours in the sun.
B1 Central Market Bus Station: 2 blocks S from Central Market. There are two bus companies, Phnom Penh Public transport and GST Express, servicing to Sihanoukville, Kompong Chang, Udong & Takeo.
B1a GST Express: St 142 + St81, T012-895550
Siem Reap
14,000r dep6:45, 7:45, 12:00, 4hrs
14,000r dep7:15, 8:15,12:30, 13:30, 5-6hrs
12,000r, many between 6:30-12:45, 5.5hrs
20,000r dep 6:20, 6:45, 7:45, 10hrs,
Kompong Cham
$3.5, Kratie $6
Bangkok 64000r,
dep 6:20, 6:45
B1b Phnom Penh Public Transport(Ho Was Genting): St 217 +St 67, T623-210359
14,000r dep7:15, 8:30, 12:30, 13:30,
14,000r dep 6:30, 7:00
Kompong Cham
8000r many between 6:35-15:45, Kratie 20,000r dep 7:30, Stung Treng 40,000r dep 7:00
Ho Chi Min
$9, dep 8:00,
B2 Olympic Intercity Bus Station: on Phlauv 199 St, next to Olympic market. ? No information about bus services from here.
B3 Taxi Stand: 2 block SW from the Central Market. Shared taxi and pickup trucks are leaving from here. Pickup fares(in/out)to Siem Reap $4/2, Battambang $4/2, Kompong Cham $3/2
TB Tourist tranport: Many tourist buses/min buses are running from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, etc. You can book them at your GH or Capital GH.
City tour:
$3-6 (entrance fees extra). 8:30, Silver Pagoda, Wat Penh, etc.
Mekong Island Tour:
Bus to Saigon(HCM): $6
dep 5:30
Boat to Chaudoc(Vietnam):
$6, dep 8:00
Bus to Siem Reap:
$4 dep 7:30
Boat to Siem Reap:
$22 dep 6:30
Bus to Battambang/Poipet:
$4/$6 dep 7:00
Bus to Sihanoukville:
$3 dep 7:15, 12:30
Boat from Sihanouville to Koh Kong(Thai border):
$15, dep12:00
Bus to Thai BKK:
$14, dep 6:30
  B1a B1b pickup in/out Tourist Bus
Siem Reap 14,000r $4/2 $4
Sihanoukville 14,000r 14,000r $3
Battambang 12,000r 14,000r $4/2 $4
Poipet 20,000r 40,000/20,000r $6
Kompong Cham $3.5 8000r $3/2
Kratie $6.0 20,000r
Stung Treng 40,000r
BKK 64,000r $14-16
Ho Chi Min $9 $6


During dry season, due to the low water level, there is no boats operating this year, due to the lack of water, there was no boats running on Tonle Sap nor on Mekong river.

Fast boats to Siem Reap: Fast boats are running via Tonle Sap Lake. Very scenic on the way. You can enjoy looking people's life on the lake and the port near Siem Reap.
Pier: see F1
$22 They can be arranged at your GH or large GH such as Capitol. including a pickup from your GH and a pickup to Siem Reap town.
You leave from your GH at 6:30 and the boat leave at 7:00 from the pier arriving at the port near Siem Reap around 12:00. Another pickup is waiting for you at the port and take you to Siem Reap around 13:00
Boats to towns on Mekong river:
see F2
Tickets: available at the boat pier. Kompong Cham
$4, to Kratie $8, Stung Treng $?, (Go to Kompong Cham and change a boat.(see Kompong Cham section) Slow boats, transport cargos up the Mekong from as far as Stung Treng, not far from the Laos border. From Phnom Penh as far as Kratie, the Mekong is a broad, uniform brown river bordered by flat uninspiring plains. North of Kratie, the scenery is at it's best, the river a mosaic of rapids, eddies & whirlpools coursing between hundreds of thickly vegetated sandy islets. Bird-life is abundant, you also have the chance along this stretch to see some of the rare river dolphins.
Boats to Chaudoc Vietnamese border town on Mekong river:
available at GH or Capitol GH $6,
A bus leaves from PP at 8:00 to a port on Mekong and change to a boat to the border. After both immigrations, change to another boat to Chaudoc. All transports are included. While you are waiting for the last boat, you will be asked to take a Vietnamese Mekong Delta tour from Chaudoc to Ho Chi Minh City. See Chaudoc section for more details.

Boat from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong(Thai border): $15, dep12:00 from Sihanoukville. The boat leaves from Sihanoukville, 5-6 hours away. You can buy a ticket at your GH or Capitol GH.
To catch this boat on the same day, you must leave from PP in very early morning.

F1 Pier for express boats to Siem Reap: N from Japanese - Friendship Bridge.
F2 Pier: Near GPO and Wat Phnon
Express boats: services are infrequent so check beforehand
Kompong Cham
$4, to Kratie $8, Stung Treng $?, (cheaper from Kompong Cham see below.)
Slow boats:
to Kratie
$5, to Stung Treng $15 Bargain hard.


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