PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Area Code 023 US$1=4100riel, June 27, 2005

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Many cheap food stalls mainly serving noodles throughout Phnom Penh. Those around Capitol GH. are popular with visitors.

Delicious baguettes, a legacy of French Colonialism, freshly baked & at their best in early morning and evening, around dusk.
Many travelers eat at the popular GHs like
Narins, #9 and The Last Home, they serve good Khmer/International food for $1-3.

Sugar cane juice stalls are everywhere, charged from 500R, Coke costs from 1000R. In the evening delicious fruit shakes are served - 1500-2000R.

US$ and/or riel (R) accepted everywhere.

Preah Sisovath: River side road
Many restaurants are lining up along the river catering to the Ex-Pat community. Prices are expensive compared to local alternatives but all have attractive environments, serve Western food, imported beers and are popular for socializing.
r Kiwi Bakery & Restaurant: #199 Preah Sisowath, 7-22:00, Cafe/bakery, Excellent view from 2F. bread $0.3-0.5, breakfast sets $3.5+,
r1 Pon Lok: #323 Preah Sisowath, Chinese,Khmer fried rice $3, other Chinese $4+, Located across from the river, good views from 2nd level. The food is OK but slightly expensive look out for extra charge for hand-towels.
r2 Happy Herbs Pizza: 345 Sisowath Quay, Pizza, Int'l, Pizza $4.5, Khmer $2.5+. All kinds of pizza but famous for the Happy - the main ingredient being 'grass' - guaranteed to make you happy.
r3 FCCC: 363 Sisowath Quay, International $5.5+ 7-24:00
Colonial style, very luxurious environment with good views over the river. Social, popular with Ex-pat crowd. Impressive original photography covers the wall.
Most travelers visit once, order a drink if you can't afford the food. Bar on 2nd floor opens from 16:00.
r4 Bali Cafe: Sisowath Quay S from FCCC, Indonesian, Value set menu $2-3.5(SaSu only), drink $0.75, beer $0.8.(It has rooms, a/c ab $15-20)
r5 Frizz: 335 Sisowath Quay. fantastic Khmer food at very reasonable prices, the staff is very helpful and friendly(Reported)

M.V. Preah Monivong Area
Large commercial street, near the Capitol GH. mainly for local people and budget travelers.
r11 Rest. Christina: 226 M.V. Preah Monivong, opp. Pailin H.
Vietnamese $1-3 Delicious beef noodle soup with fresh noodle. Surprisingly cheap A/C rest. Select from photos of dishes.HighlyRec
r Lan Zhou Noodle: #256 M.V. Preah Monivong, 1F of NY Hotel, Chinese, Noodle with soup $1, other Chinese dishes $2+ and some Japanese dishes.
r12 Raksmei Bobia: 290 M.V.Preah Monivong
Khmer $1-1.5 and pot dish $5 Very popular among locals. Mainly claypot style meals. Good for large groups. Rec
r13 Asia Soup: M.V. Preah Monivong, near Capitol GH local, $2-3 Rec
Popular with locals. Claypot meals and shabu shabu style. Huge selection and portions of ingredients. Better to go in a group.
r14 Tsui hang Village: #288A/290A, M.V. Preah Monivoung T213328, Seafood buffet  $5, 12-14, 19-22:00 including Sushi, fish, crab, etc. We could not review this time, but it looks very good.
r Lian Rong Chinese Dumpling Restaurant: M.V. Preah Monivong(From Capitol go out to Monivong, turn right. It is on the right side.) Chinese
r T & Coffee World: #335 M.V. Preah Monivong(From Capitol go out to Monivong, turn right. It is on the right side.), Cafe, comfortable cafe with a/c. served with a snack. Also brunches on St 284 SW from Olympic stadium and at Parkway Sq on Mao Tsu Tong
r15 Capitol: No14 182 St, International $1-2
Traveler style food. Cheap, taste is okay but the kitchen looks really dirty. Travel agent service available.
r Food stalls: in Orossey Market near Capitol GH, in the evening many food stalls for local food are set. fried rice.noodle 3000-3500r, fruit shake 1500r Rec
r16 Two Chan: #246 Street 107, walk S from the Capitol. 9-21:30 Japanese Set menu $1.5-2.3, , Good portion, free tea
r BB World: M.V. Preah Monivong + Sihanouk Rd. fast food, hamburger $1 fried chicken $1 ice cream $0.5

Lake Area
Take the path S from the mosque. There are a few more Indian restaurants on this road. Indian set menu $1.5-2.0
r21 Curry Pot: #14 St 93, First rest on the left 7-24:00. Indian and vegetarian food. cheap, bf(dal masala tea, naan fruit salad)$2.5, Veg curry with rice $2.0, lassi $1 Rec
r22 Red Corner pub: #21 St 93, S from the internet bar on the left of the path. Cheap to moderate, Nice drinking place. 55 different types of beer, friendly staff. Happy Pizza $3.5, If you have a meal here, you get one free beer.
r23 Happy GH Rest.: Very nice rest. located directly at the lake. You can enjoy the meal on the terrace, Free pool. Great tasty food and huge potion. Try veg. curry with coconut milk 4000r Highly Rec
r24 Freedom Cafe: s end of the road. Thai/western $2-4 Great location, relaxing environment, holds full moon parties.

Near the Independent Monument
r31 Chiang Mai: Samdech Sothearos Blvd. T360502
Thai $4+ 8:00-22:00 Good food but a little expensive.Thai noodle $1.5, Thai curry $2.5
r32 Mex Restaurant: Norodom + Preah Sihanouk T360535 7-22, Mexican, moderate $2.5-3.0, burger $3.0. Tacos $1.5, Pizza $4
r33 Nagasakiya Rest.: 39 Sihanouk Blvd, nr Independence Mon.Japanese, US$5-10,
Authentic Japanese food in traditional style restaurant. Delicious. $5 daily special is popular. They have Japanese books/magazines/newspapers.HighlyRec
r34  Glory: Preah Sihanouk + 63St T018-813113
Chinese, Khmer $3-4 Delicious & reasonable price. Rec

r41 NCDP (National Center of Disabled Persons) Restaurant: 3 Preah Norodom Cafe Coke $0.5, coffee $0.7
Popular, attractive restaurant with outdoor seating. Good food, friendly staff. Attached handicraft shop, and Seeing Hands Massage branch. Building was funded by the Japanese Government All the staff are disabled. Profits go to help disabled people.HighlyRec
r42 Ice/shake shops: Walk E from the main Market on Street 138. There are many similar restaurants serving ice 500+r, fruit shake 2000r.  
r43 Comme a la Maison Delicatessen: 20 St 75.
French Bakery 2000+R
Good place for breakfast - croissant and coffee. Pleasant environment, outside seating in courtyard.

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