PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Area Code 023 US$1=4100riel, June 27, 2005

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Orussey Market Area.
W from the Monivong. Good, convenient and central area for budget travelers. It is a good idea to start from Capitol Hotel because it is a good landmark and all taxi drivers know where it is located.
N from street 214 and S from Street 182
h Capitol GH: 14A, Aeo Road 182, Sankat Beng Prolitt T724104 f sb s$2 d$3, ab HW s$4 d$5 a/c d$12, La mos-net, I, R(6-22 cheap) C1 Basic, unattractive rooms in noisy Phnom Penh. Central location, good place for services & info, good, cheap, basic restaurant.
h Capitol 2: 24E1 St 182, f sb s$2 d$4 La C2 Many Japanese. Cheap but not clean, more basic than other branch.Under renovation
h Hello GH: #242 St 107(S from Capitol GH), f ab s/d$4, a/c s/d$8 C3 standard
h Nice GH: #209 St 107, T211911, a/c ab s$8 d$10 C4, @($0.5/hr Japanese) rental bicycle $1/day, motorbike $3 Rec
h Happy GH: #197 St107, T018-815370, f sb s$2 d$3, ab s$4 d$5 C2 dark small but cheap
h Hong Phann GH: #10, Eo, Street 198, T986672, f ab s$4 d$6, a/c TV s$8 d$10, towel C3 Nice GH and friendly GH
h Narin II: #20, Street 111, T986131, f ab s$3-4 d$5, TV d$6, HW TV d$5-6, a/c d$10 C4 large rooms but the bathrooms are small. @($1/hr) Very popular among western travelers. Rec
h Lucky GH: 99 E1, 214 street, T218910, f sb s/d$7, ab TV s/d10, C4 large comfortable rooms. Highly Rec
h Lucky GH II: #30 St 115, T218-910, f ab s/d$6, a/c s/d$10, TV C4 large comfortable rooms. Highly Rec
h Swiss GH: #105 Eo 214st. T011-885988, T012-990-172, f ab s/d$6, a/c s/d$10 STV C5 Large rooms Highly Rec
South from street 214 and N from Preah Shihanouk
h Chan Trea GH: #48, 141 street, T012-944024, f ab s/d$7, a/c$12 STV HW bathtub la(2000/p) rb(5000r) C4 clean and large rooms run by a friendly family. It is very close to Narin GH. If you want to have a meal at Narin GH, you should not tell them the fact that you are staying here. Narin does not like this GH.Rec
h Sunday GH: #97 141st. T211623,, f sb s$2-3 d$4, ab s$4 d$5, HW TV TV s$5 d$6, a/c no HW d$10, HW d$12 C3, good value large room. Rec
h Narin GH No 50: 50 St.125 S/K Veal Vong T982554
f sb s$3 ab s$4+ d$5+, ab d$6+, TV $7, a/c $10, la(800/p) R C3-4, m coil, transport, I Variety of simple rooms. Now they run a few houses around the area. If you don't a room, ask for the rooms in other houses. Well-run, social, homely guest house, relaxing communal verandah. Friendly staff. Serves good food (not cheap though). Wide range of info/services. But the walls are too thin Rec
h TAT GH: #521 St.125, next to Narin GH, T986-620,, f sb s$3 d$4, ab s/d$6

Riverside area
Most of the accommodation in this area are middle range hotels. Good view to the river and the good area with good restaurants, shops and many activities for tourists. Many of them equip TV, mini-bar, a/c,etc. But their room standard is lower and over priced.
h The Last Home GH: #47, St.108 T724917
f sb s$3, d$4, ab s$3-5 d$5. a/c TV s/d$8 R(6-22) I, book exchange la(1500/p, self) C? rb($1) Some rooms very attractive, some dingy. Good location near the river. Very popular restaurant for western travelers. Rec
h Cathay Hotel: #123-125, 110 street T722471, a/c ab s/d $10 TV mini bar HW C3. large rooms equipped with sitting lounge area, a table and a desk. helpful staff
h Lucky Ro Hotel: From Cathay Hotel walk toward the river. T986559, f ab TV s/d $5, a/c ab fr s$10 d$15, TV HW la(500/p or self) C4. large rooms with a desk Good staff Rec
h Dada Reang: #45 Eco. 118 street. T428181, f ab s$6 d $8, a/c s$13 d$15, HW $15 bf la(free) C3 Medium size rooms. Friendly owner. Rec

Boeng Kak Lakeside Area:
An area E of a big lake, Boeng Kak Lake, N from the train station. Popular with backpackers. The rooms tend to be very basic, dark & stuffy but this is offset by the excellent communal areas, provision of music, hammocks and a friendly laid-back atmosphere, as well as free videos & pool table. A full range of info/travel services.
GHs in the area are mostly family home type and they are cheap but basic. The ones in the S part of the area are for tourists providing usual services, such as bars, videos, travel agents, internet, exchange service, etc. They cost more than ones in N but the standard is higher and more comfortable.
Number of the address are placed from the S to N.
Enter the area from Street 86 + Monivoung, then turn left or right at the mosque.
North from the mosque
h Boeung Kok GH: Street 80, N from the mosque, 2 nd right from street 93 T926370. f sb s/d $5 C3, Nice bathrooms and friendly owner.
h Soleil Kok GH: N from the mosque, 1 st right from the street 93. f sb s/d $3, ab $4 C3, Very clean bathrooms, friendly family. little lounge. Rec
South from the mosque
h Mails GH: #19 St 93, T012-397441, f ab s$2 d$4, a/c s/d$8 C4 large comfortable rooms.
h Happy GH: #11 street 93, T430833, f sb s$2 d$3, a/c ab d$10 R(6-23 cheap pool table) mos-net la(2500/kg) C3. Nice bathrooms, great restaurant serving delicious food Rec
h #9 GH: #9 P.93, T012-347450, on Boeng Kak Lake, Turn left at Mosque (S), walk 50m turn right. f sb s/d$3 ab s/d$5 la mos-net R(24hr), TV, pool table, hammocks C3 Basic, stuffy rooms.Popular. Huge, traditional wooden hut complex built over the lake. Excellent communal area, great views. Many visitors from other guest houses visit here for sunset-viewing. Rec
h LakesideGH: #10 Street 93,T012-454373, On lake, next to GH No.9. f sb s/d$2, ab d$3 R(6-23) la(1000/p) TV pool table, hammocks mos-nets C3 Basic rooms, popular,friendly communal overlooking the lake. video Highly Rec
h Grand View GH: #4 Eo St93, f ab s$3 d$4, a/c TV s/d$8 C4 @($1/hr) Not on the lake side but you can see the lake from the roof. Large comfortable rooms Rec
h Cafe Freedom Lodge: End of the road(Street 93), few hundred meters past other GH's. f ab s/d$4-6 R (7-21, view to the lake) C3 Nice, quiet, relaxing oasis wooden building.

Wat Lang Ka Area:
S part of PP. Mostly upper class hotels with higher price rage,
h Bangkok Hotel: #132, 51 street, T362277, a/c ab s$10, d$12-14 TV C4 large rooms
h Goldiana Hotel: #10-12, 282 street, T219558, a/c ab s$28 d$38-48, C4 pool(9-22:00, for visitor $5)
h Golden Bridge: #7, 278 Street T721396, a/c ab s$13 d$15 la(free) TV C4 large rooms, kettle, mini bar, towel balcony
h Tokyo Hotel: 262, Monivong + 63 Trosork Pheah street, T721050, a/c ab s$13 d/t $15 TV C3 large rooms, but a bit run down.

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