PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Area Code 023 US$1=4100riel, June 27, 2005

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Tourist Office: Very limited information & assistance are available. Much better sources of information are from various English/French language publications & from popular GHs (Capitol, Narin's, Lakeside)
i1 Ministry of Tourism: #3 M.V.Preah Monivong Blvd between St 232 & St238. T723949 M-F 7:30-11:30,14-17:00
Often difficult to find any staff. Very limited leaflets. The staff are motivated if they see a chance of commission. Limited English & French spoken.
i2 Phnom Penh Dept of Tourism: 313 T.V.Preah Sisowath M-F7:30-11:30,14:00-17:00
Few leaflets but staff are helpful. English & French spoken.
Maps: available at Central Market/Capital GH. Good street map pull-outs in Bayon Pearnik & Phnom Penh Post
Useful publications:
Bayan Pearnik: - Monthly English Language Magazine. Mainly for the Ex-Pat community, contains amusing articles, events, tourist info and map. Available from Guest Houses and some restaurants, free. Warning some articles are satirical, don't always believe what you read in them. Available at Capitol GH restaurant
Cambodia Daily: (1200 riel, daily!!),
Cambodge Soir: (1500 riel, daily),
Phnom Penh Post: ($1, biweekly, centre pages feature pull-out Phnom Penh street map) are English/French newspapers which cover important events in Cambodia & internationally.
AE American Express(Diethelm Travel): #65, St 240, PO Box 99, T219151/F219150 M-F8-18, Sa8-12:00, no cash advance or exchange service. But you can buy T/C with AE card.Client mail & fax receiving service available.
Banks / Exchanges: $1=4000R(Bank), 4100R(Exchanger) B=93R The rate varies. Many banks has cash advance service with Visa, Mastercard, JCB. Dollar cash is strongly recommended as exchange rates for other currencies are very low.
You may change T/C to cash or obtain cash by credit card, at bank, then change to riel at local money changers (mainly located around the Central Market) for the best rate.
The banks are concentrated along St 114 which runs E-W from the Railway Station to Norodom Blvd & on Norodom Blvd.
$ at Airport: (1998 info) US$ cash to Riel $1=4000R, T/C to Riel $1=4000r, plus $1-2 com, T/C to $cash, com $1,
$ Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia: Street 118, E from M.V.Preah Norodom M-F 8-16:00, Sa9-12, 13-17:00, $1=4100R, B=98R 100yen=3708R, T/C to $cash com 1% min charge $1, Visa cash advance 5%.min charge $5
$ Cambodia Commercial Bank: M.V.Preah Monivong + Street 118, M-F 8:00-15:00, $1=4100riel, 100yen=3500R T/C (US$ only):com 2% min charge $1. Cash Advance, Visa, MC, JCB min charge $10.
$ Cambodia Mekong Bank: E from the Foreign Trade Bank, M-F 8:00-15:00, T/C (US$ only):com 2% min charge $2. Cash Advance, Visa 2%, JCB3% min charge $2-5
$4 National Bank Cambodia: Norodom Rd M-F7:30-16:00.
Accepts many currencies Cash/TC Sterling, Franc, Yen, etc. T/C com 2%, min. $1.
Money changers: Many in town, especially around the Central market. Cash only. The rate is slightly better than at banks.$1=3915r, yen=39.1, B=86r, 3925r=$1
$a ATM: None.
P Emergency numbers: police T117, Fire T118, Ambulance T119
P1 Foreigner Police: V.Dekcho Damdin No154 + near V.Pasteur T015-913914, T724793
I Immigration: St 154+ #51 Pasteur T862477, M-F7:30-11:30, 14-17:00 Visa Extension $3/day, $40/1M, $160/6 M, $280/12 M+ fee 2000R Better to have the exact amount as change may not be given. Reported: To extend your visa, you have to go to Airport office. Not confirmed yet.
M0 Post Office GPO: #13 Preah Ang Eng (between Oknha San Thormok & V.Preah Ang Non No102) 7:00-18:00
Poste Restante 300R/piece collect call available only to USA/Australia.Internet $1/hr
M2 Post OfficeBranch: Monivoung + Sihanouk Blvd.7:00-17:00, airmail only
M1 Telephones (Card) at GPO: also available in hotels and internet cafes along the main streets. Can make international calls. 20% discount at weekends. Local call 10cents/2min, Phone cards at GPO and some shops. $2,$5,$10,$20
H1 Calmette General Hospital: M.V. Preah Monivong, Next to French Embassy. T423173 24hr
H2 Access Medical Services: #4, St 432, T364877, 24hr
H3 Tropical & Travelers Medical Clinic: #88, St 108.
H4 International SOS Phnom Penh: #161, st 51, T216911, M-F8-17:30, Sa8-12:00, Emergency 24 hrs, English and Japanese staff.
H5 Naga Clinic: #11, St 254, T011-811-175, emergency 24 hrs. English, French and Chinese staff.
Hp Pharmacy: Many, at market.

A Pochentong Int'l Airport: 8 km W from town. Undergoing major expansion. departure Tax: Int'l $20 domestic $5
from/to town -
share Taxi, (official - buy coupon)
US$7, Taxi outside $5,
shuttle bus
$2/p, 9/9:30-18/18:30 drops off at hotels and Guest houses, moto-taxi $1/p Flights to Siem Reap, Bangkok, HoChi Minh and Vientiane.
VJ Royal Air Cambodge: 206A M.V.Preah Norodom T428830F428806 PP-Siem Reap $56,Also at the airport.
VJ Royal Air Cambodge Branch: St 114, Next to Camb. Com. Bank.
a1 President Airlines: 13-14A/298 Maotse Toung Blvd, T993088, F993111 M-F8-17:00 Sa8-12:00. to Battambang $99, to Ratanakiri $64
a2 Siem Reap Airways: ?
a3  Royal Phnom Penh Airlines: #209 St19, T217417
PG Bangkok Air: #61, A. Street 214, T300-409. M-F8-17:00. to Siem Reap $71(dep6:45,9:50,17:50), to BKK $115(dep9:20, 15:40, 19:50), to HCM $75,
RL Royal Phnom Penh Airways: #209 Street 19, T990692,
to Battambang
$?7:00 , to Siem.Reap $60(return$110), dep7:35 15:55, to Ratanakiri $60(return$110) dep W F-M10:00
TG Thai Airways: #294 Mao Tsu Toung Blvd. T214359, M-F8-16:30, Sa8-12:00, to Bangkok $145(return$235) dep10:30, 19:20
QV Lao Airlines: #58 B.Sihanouk Blvd. T216563, M-F8-11:30, 13-16:00, Sa8-10:00, to Vientiane $138(return$248)
VN Vietnamese Airlines: #41 St214, T363396, M-F8-12, 13:30-16:30, Sa8-12:00, to Ho Chi Minh $84(return$138), to Hanoi $94

Train travel is considered as safe, but check on the current situation before you take. Trains are very slow, crowded and hot, however they are a very cheap and friendly way to travel. Arrive early to get a seat. Many food sellers. Until recently, the train travel in Cambodia has had a reputation for being very dangerous. This is no longer the case though there has been an isolated incident of banditry within recent months. Check on the current situation.Trains are very slow, crowded and hot, however they are a very cheap and friendly way to travel. Arrive early to get a seat. Many food sellers. The train fares below are for foreigners, 3 times more than locals.
T Train Station: M.V.Preah Monivong, Boeng Kok, SE from the lake. Art-deco building, same color as Central Market.
Services to Battambang/Sisophon & Kampot/Sihanoukville The trains leave at 6:20 every other day. The information/ ticketing booths are open only in the morning of the departure day.
Currently only Sihanoukville line is being suspended.
Phnom Penh to Battambang:
MWF 6:20 arr 21:30, 12,400riel Battambang to PP: dep6:40, arr 20:00
to Kampot:
7,500riel, to Sihanoukville: 11,800riel
Report from David Click: The Battambang Express

bus services from Phnom Penh are increasing, Security has improved, the roads need to be improved! Avoid night travel.
!Warning, though popular with travelers, parts of the road are in a terrible condition. Quite an experience if you can withstand the jolting ride, dust and avoid burning after several hours in the sun.
B1 Central Market Bus Station: 2 blocks S from Central Market. There are two bus companies, Phnom Penh Public transport and GST Express, servicing to Sihanoukville, Kompong Chang, Udong & Takeo.
B1a GST Express: St 142 + St81, T012-895550
Buses to Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Poipet, Kompong Cham, Kratie, BKK
B1b Phnom Penh Public Transport(Ho Was Genting): St 217 +St 67, T623-210359
Buses to Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kompong Cham, Kratie, Stung Treng, Ho Chi Min
B2 Olympic Intercity Bus Station: on Phlauv 199 St, next to Olympic market. ? No information about bus services from here.
B3 Taxi Stand: 2 block SW from the Central Market. Shared taxi and pickup trucks are leaving from here.
TB Tourist tranport: Many tourist buses/min buses are running from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, etc. You can book them at your GH or Capital GH. Bus to Saigon(HCM), Siem Reap, Battambang, Poipet, Sihanoukville, BKK


During dry season, due to the low water level, there is no boats operating this year, due to the lack of water, there was no boats running on Tonle Sap nor on Mekong river.

to Siem Reapby a fast boats , to towns on Mekong river, to Chaudoc Vietnamese border town on Mekong river by bus and boat. to Koh Kong(Thai border) by a boat from Sihanoukville.

F1 Pier for express boats to Siem Reap: N from Japanese - Friendship Bridge.
F2 Pier: Near GPO and Wat Phnon
Express boats: services are infrequent so check beforehand. Boats to Kompong Cham and Kratie

Border crossing
to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon),Vietnam by Tourist buses: a/c direct buses organized by Capital GH $6. dep6:45, Neak Krorm T&T $6 dep7:00. Possible to go to the border by a public bus or a taxi and change transport after crossing the border. But it costs more than this tourist buses.
to Chau Doc, Vietnam by Boat: Tour organized by Capital GH $6 and by other GH with similar fares. It departs at 8:00 by minibus then change to a boat on Mekong to Chau Doc, arriving at 14:00. You will change the boat at the border. It is also possible to travel to Cantho or HCMC. Ask at your travel agent. When not enough passengers, you will take a small motor boat. Very tiring. Recommend to go with Capital GH tour because they usually have more passengers and use a larger boat. Dep 8:00 from GH, takes 5hrs. See Chaudoc page
to the border to Thailand at Koh Kong/Hat or to Bangkok by minibus: You can take one with a/c from PP to the border near Koh Kong. $10-15?. or to BKK. $14-16?. Ask at travel agents, such as Capitol GH. The road in Cambodia section is not paved but it is new and not bad at all.
to the border to Thailand at Koh Kong/Hat by Bus + Express boat: Take a bus at 7:30 from one of the bus company, SW from the Central Market or Capitol GH bus to Sihanoukville, then take a moto taxi(2-5000rial) to the port and take the boat to Koh Kong($12/500B dep 12:00). From Koh Kong to the border by a moto to the border 20-30B/p. After crossing the border, to BKK a big bus is waiting near the border. To Trat, take a minibus or 2 songthaws to Trat.
You can reach Trat from Phnom Penh in a day but not much time allowed at any transfer point. All moto drivers try to rip you off, but you don't have any time to bargain with them. The border closes at 17:00. See Koh Kong page
to Thailand Poipet/Arranyapratate by truck/shared taxi, pickup, bus, tourist bus: Depart near the central market. around 5:00. 9-11hr. Pickup in the back 20,000R, inside 40,000R. Shared taxi 40,000/p, Bus 20,000r, tourist bus $6 The border is closed at 17:00 so take one as early as possible. For other border crossing info, see Poipet page.

Walking is possible. Rental bicycle/Motor bike is popular, but the traffic is crazy. The roads and bicycles are in bad condition. Motor bike taxis, are good for longer distances in and out of town Warning at night use moto drivers you know well).
For a group, taxi is good for visiting the killing fields, etc.
Moto drivers around GH's speak a little English however many others don't and, although they will nod their head and smile, they may not understand and you might end up in an unknown area of the city and demand payment.
Rentals Bicycle: $1.5-2.0/day, motor bike(100cc): US$3+/day moto bike(250cc): US$6+/day ask at hotels, guest houses and agents. Deposit required, cash(for bicycle $30) or your passport.
rb  Rental bicycle shop: #234 St 107(just SE from Capital GH), $1-2.0/day. 7:00-18:00
rb  Rental bike shop: #418 Monivoung T212788, 100cc $3/day, 250cc $6/day
Cyclo (Samlor): They are waiting in front of the GH, 2,000riel within town. Must bargain.
Moto -motor bike taxi: Everywhere, 1,000-1500riel depending on destination.
Taxi: Vantha taxi company operate 2 metered taxis 3500R for 2km + 500 p/km. Other taxis - negotiate first. Usually from $25 for a day. $5 to airport.
Travel Agents
Many travel agents are on M.V.Preah Monivong, N from Capital GH. Air ticket prices to Siem Reap are standard. For international tickets, travel agents are a little cheaper than airlines. are standard between agents. Most TA's process visa applications, Capital GH is the cheapest - see below.
ta1 VLK Royal Tourism: 191 M.V.Preah Monivomg T17-203908 T723168
ta2 Diethelm Travel(American Express): #65, St 240, PO Box 99, T219151/F219150 M-F7:30-12, 13:30-17:30,Sa7:30-12
ta3 Capitol: 14 St.182, T217627 Service for backpackers, Travelers' notes, Bulletin Board. Arranges Visas:-
Vietnam Visa: 1-month Visa(Good from the day you specify) Overland entry possible. 1day processing: $30 2days
Lao Visa: 1-month, US $35
City tour:
(entrance fees extra). 8:30, Silver Pagoda, Wat Penh, etc.
Mekong Island Tour:
Bus to Saigon(HCM): $6
dep 5:30
Boat to Chaudoc(Vietnam):
$6, dep 8:00
Bus to Siem Reap:
$4 dep 7:30
Boat to Siem Reap:
$22 dep 6:30
Bus to Battambang/Poipet:
$4/$6 dep 7:00
Bus to Sihanoukville:
$3(RT$5) dep 7:15, 12:30
Boat from Sihanouville to Koh Kong(Thai border):
$15, dep12:00
Bus to Thai BKK:
$14, dep 6:30
Rental bicycle:
4,000R/day In bad condition.
ta4 International Travel & Tours: #57, St 136, T723503
Lists prices of flights outside. Arranges visas.

m1 Central Market: Town center. From M.V.Preah Monivong, take M.V.Kampuchea Krom No128 to E 1 block. Huge market.Housed in impressive, art-deco, domed-building. Food, souvenirs, gems, gold, fake Rolex watches from $10.
m2 Old market (Psar Cha): V.Preah Ang Duong No110 + Preah Ang Eng No1, mainly daily goods.
m3 Orussei Market: M.V.Samdach Monireth + V.Oknha Tep Phon No182, daily goods, some imported goods.
m4 Olympic Market: on Phlauv 193, S from Olympic Stadium
m5 Russian (Toul Tom Pong) market: S from Wat Toul Tum Pong, S part of PP. Souvenirs, silk shirts, sarongs, silverware, etc. Popular with travelers.CD-$2 Rec
s Big A Supermarket: on M.V.Preah Monivong, N from Capitol GH. 8-19:00, a/c shop for goods, food, hamburger shop, etc.
s Supermarket: Lucky Market: 160 M.V.Samdach Preah Shihanouk(500m W from Victory monument).and S.Moniroth Blvd, Wide selection, incl. foreign products But expensive. 8:00-20:00
s NCPD/Seeing Hands Handicraft center: and Restaurant.
Attractive complex with all profits going to help disabled people. Massages highly recommended.
ph Photo: There are now many places to develop film. Along Monivong Blvd. develop.2,000R/roll 4R size:350r/print
Total Cost for 36exp approx. $4.
Quality is good. 1hr+ processing
Passport photo: B/W $2/4 shots. film(x36) $2
s Monument Books: #111 Norodom Blvd T218948 M7:30-17:30, Tu-Su7:30-19:00 Visa 4% extra. LP Cambodia $20
s Caltex Petrol Station: Monivong Blvd, S from Mao Tse Toung Blvd.
s International Book Center: Monivong Blvd. 8-20:00, 1F stationary shop and 2F book shop. English and Chinese books

Other services
1a Laundry: at GH's. 700R/article
ma massage NCDP/Seeing Hands: Preah Norodom+Preah Pochentong T018 816891 $3/hour M-Sa9-19, Su8-18 Reservation recommended. Very relaxing. The masseurs are all blind and practice Anma & Shiatsu-Japanese style massage.
Also brunches at St 94(near Wat Phnom) and #12 St 63
ma Branch: Wat Sarawan, St #178, M-Sa8-18:00. Same services as above.
c Khemarin Mini-theatre: 280 Preah Monivong Blvd. $2.
Newspapers: Bayon Pearnik - monthly (free), Cambodia Daily, 1200R, has a Japanese supplement. Phnom Penh Post - fort nightly, 3500R.Cambodge Soir (French) 1500R, daily.
sw1 Olympic Stadium: 7:30-11:30. 2,000r, Food/drink available.Small pool can be very crowed with students.
sw2 Hotel Goldiana: Street 282. E of Preah Monivong Non-residents- $5 incl towel, 9-22:00 strongly recommend you bring your own refreshments.
Shooting Several ranges on the road to Sihanoukville past the airport. A must for adrenalin junkies. A unique opportunity to fire anything from a handgun to a bazooka. The government run range is the cheapest and has the most and biggest toys to play with.
access by Moto: RT from central Phnom Penh, around 10,000R.
Colt Handgun $10, AK 47 $15, Hand Grenade $15, Bazooka $60

Night Life: Though going out at night in Phnom Penh should be undertaken with caution, there is enough of a scene to merit a trip out. There are a number of bars popular with the Ex. pat crowd, prices are high - look out for happy hour offers.
Weekends are the liveliest.
Bayon Pearnik free monthly magazine has an extensive bar listing.
Heart Of Darkness: #26, St 51, Small, stylishly dingy hang-out, good for a pre-club drink and chat.
FCCC: 363, Sisowath Quay Stylish, Colonial restaurant/bar overlooking the river. Excellent place to quench the thirst at sunset. Food/drink expensive so check out Happy Hour.
Duck Tub Bar: Live music, food.
Blues Cafe: Prea Sisowath, opp. Cambodiana Hotel
Newly opened, live blues music.
Pink Elephant Bar: #343 Sisowath Quay. One of many bars along the riverside. Popular as beers are cheapest
Casino Ship: behind Cambodiana Hotel
Phnom Penh's well-known casino, free food and drink only if you make a bet. Black Jack and roulette.
Due to relocate to Sihanoukville summer 99
Manhattans: St 84, Holiday Int'l Hotel. Disco close to Lakeside area. Good sound system & atmosphere. Beer an expensive $6.
Martinis: #402, Mao Tse Tung Blvd. The definitive Phnom Penh nightclub. Decent disco, outside large screen movies. Lots of very friendly ladies. Beer $3.

@ Internet @
Internet facilities are increasing, The cost is still expensive.
Many internet cafes have
internet phone: to USA 300r/min, to Japan 600r/min. UK 500r/min.
@ Internet cafe: Just S from the Capitol GH. 1800R/hr. Japanese is OK.
@ Friendly Internet cafe: #261, Monivoung, W side. n from the street for Capitol. 500R/15min.
@ Internet cafe: at Mittaphea Hotel, #262 Monivoung E side. T216565 500/20min.(9-01:00)
@ Holynet: #239 Eo Monivoung, 8-23:00, 2000R/hr , student 1000r/hr
@ Internet bar: Lakeside, 8-23:00 ?/hr drink from $1

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