Area Code 077, $1=38B, June 6, 2006

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Since travelers usually only pass through, budget options are mainly Chinese style hotels, not so good or cheap. All are basic, no hot water.
h1 Tapee Hotel: 100 Chonkasem Rd. T077-272575. ab f TV d300(HS430B), a/c d430-460(HS610-660B) C4 R A/C lounge Popular with Thai businessmen.
h2 Grand City: 428/6-10 Chonkasem Rd.+Namuang Rd. T077-272560. ab f 300, TV a/c d350B C3 Standard.
h3 Thai Hotel: 4/24 Si Chaiya Rd. 077-272932, f ab s/d200B C4, The entrace hall is dirty but rooms are large and clean. Rec
h4 In Town Hotel: Namuang Rd. Next to Bandon Hotel T077-210145, ab f d370 TV a/c d470 C4
h5 Bandon Hotel: 268/2 Namuang Rd. T077-272167. ab f s170B, d 200-250B, a/c300B+, C4. One of the best option, try here first. Popular with backpackers. Chinese style hotel, spacious rooms, towels, well-maintained. Noisy in the mornings.HighlyRec
h6 Thai Thani: 442/306 Taladmai Rd. near the old bus station, T077-273584, ab f s240 d260, a/c s360 d380B C4 Large lobby with bizarre classical decor. Convenient for the town bus station.
h9 Samaporn Hotel: on the road to TAT, T077-210188-9
ab TV f s/d220B a/c d400B C4 Good facilities but a bit too far from the center.(2002 info)
h10 Phong Kaew Hotel: 126 Talat mai, opp from TAT, ab s/c CTV 400 R(Japanese) C4. New good middle class hotel Rec.(2004 info)

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