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Surat Thani Map | Surat Thani Central Map B

This is the most important transport hub in the S Islands. From here you can travel to many beach resorts - Koh Samui, Koh Phanghan, Koh Tao to the East & - Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket & Koh Lanta, to the West. Travelers usually just pass through Surat Thani. But the night market has a local atmosphere, you can sit at the stalls and enjoy the delicious food and watch the harbor-side activities for entertainment.

Access: By trains from BKK, Hat Yai/Malaysia. Many minibuses/buses from Hat Yai, Krabi or Phuket.
Orientation for Suratthani:
Main road running NE to SW. Donsok harbor is E connected by buses. The long distant bus station, the train station and the airport are SW from the town connected by songthaws/buses The center is around the post office on the main road. Many budget hotels, restaurants are in the area N from the PO. Town Bus station, just NE from the post office, serves to the towns near Suratthani. the night boats are leaving from the river just N from the post office.
SW from the town, connected by bus to the town with the flight schedule. The buses pass through the train station, the long distant bus station and the center of town.
Train station: SW from the town. Many night trains arrive here in early morning. A bus will take you to harbor via the Suratthani town for Koh Samui and Phanghan. Until the bus leaves, you just wait at cafes in front of the train station. After the bus leaves, songthaws are connecting to bus stations and the center of town.
Long distance bus station: SW of the town, between the train station and the center of town. You can go either by songthaw.
Bus station in town: Just NE from the center of town. buses originating from S of Thailand, such as Krabi or Phuket, usually arrive here.Walk out to the main road and turn left. You will find a few travel agents which take you to islands.If you want to take a night boat to an island, continue walking to SW and turn right at the post office, and walk to the river.
Bus from the Donsok harbor: Most of buses connecting ferries from Koh Samui/Phanghan take you to a office 1-2km NE from the center of town. You may take a songthaw to the center. If you prefer to walk, as you come out from the office, turn left and walk straight.

i Tourist Office TAT: 5 Talaat Mai Rd.(main road) 15 min walk SW from the post office, 20-30 min. walk from Talaat Kaset Market. T288817-9, 8:30-16:30 transport: by tuk-tuk 10B, local bus 5B, from town. Has good free map.
$ Banks/Exchange: Many banks around Namuang Rd + Chonkasem Rd..all open M-F 8:30-15:30 ATM is available.
P1 Tourist Police at TAT S end of Talat Mai Rd. T 273217 24 hr
I Immigration: City Hall Donnok Rd. S of town.
H2 Taksin Hospital.: Talat Mai Rd. N from bus station, SW from TAT T077-273239
Hp Pharmacy Many in town
M0 Post Office: Next to communication tower on Talaat Mai Rd.near Chon Kasem Rd. M-F 8:3016:30, Sa9:00-12:00, Su7-12:00 Poste Restante, Telephone office is upstairs.
M Post Ofice: Na Muang Rd. + Chonkasem Rd. M-F 8:30-16:30, Sa9:00-12:00, Su7-12:00 CADNET
M1 Telephone Office: Telecom Center Donnok Rd. S of town 8:00-24:00 International Calls, HCD service.

Local Transport
Songthaew Runs along set routes - 8B for most destinations in town. Local bus-9B

Travel Agents
See the transport page

A Airport: SW from town, Bus from Siam Thani Hotel, opp from Suratthani Hospital on the way to the train station/bus terminal. dep 10:00, 17:00
TG Thai Airways: Karunrat Rd?.T077-441136-7
T Train Station Phun Phin, 13 km SW from town. Bus to town 9B.
6:00-18:00 Train tickets can be booked at travel agents.
B1 Bus Station New bus terminal SW from Town.
Take same bus as to train station- 9B
Town bus station I & II, NE from the post office, S side. Also some buses leave from N side of the road.
Many private bus companies still operating around, both old bus stations near Talaat Kaset Market. Some tourist buses leave from various points in town. See transport page
F1-3 Pier: Bandon Rd. in the center of Suratthani. Nights boats leave from here to Koh Samui/Phangan/Tao at 23:00. Night market is held here.
F4 Donsak: 1.5 hrs E from town by bus. Buses leave from Suratthani train station in early morning. After this, there are many buses. Buy a ticket at one of the travel agents in town.

s Pacific Plazxa: A big shopping center in town.
m2 Fruit & Veg market: Namuang Rd.
m3 Night market: Along river front. Excellent food stalls.
Also sells fruit.
m4 Sanjao Market: opposite the Sahathai Department store.
La Laundry: Around Town bus station II, S side, off from Talat Mai Rd. No one speaks English.

August: Rambutan fair Float parade, coconut picking demonstrations by trained monkeys.
October: Chak Phra Celebration of Buddha's return to earth. Boat races are held.

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