Sukhothai THAILAND

Area Code 055, $1=38.00B, 23 June, 2006

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New Sukhothai Town Map

Old Town/Historic Area

12km E from New city. Can get around ruins by foot, bicycle, or moped. Can hire along main road entrance to historic area.
Transport to Old City from New Sukhothai:
Big open bus from Charodwithithithong Rd. every 10min
15B Tuk-tuk 50-100B., 6-18:00. After that only taxi is available. They will try to charge more than 100B/p
Rental bike is available in the Old City, just next to the bus stop,

The Gate Historical Park: The gate is moved to from E side of the Historical park to N side which is 500m from the bus stop. You should get a bicycle from a bike shop. You can find 2 rental bike shop near the bus stops. You can get a free map there.

This historical park is an excluded area within the Old Sukhothai which contains many temples, pagodas and Buddha images. There are many other sights can be worth visiting outside of this park. North, West and South parts of HP(Historical Park) Each area need separate tickets unless you have the pass. See "Admission fee" below.

Attention: The bus from new Sukhothai arrives at the E gate of the Historical park which looks very official but this gate is closed and new gate is located on N side of the park.

Old Sukhothai Map(Linked, detailed)

Admission fee
30 day ticket, which allows all sights and a few museums in Sukhothai and sights near Sukhothai, can be purchased at the main gate. 150B
You can pay for each sight separately,
Separate tickets:
Sukhothai Historical Park Inside: 40B
Sukhothai Historical Park North/West/East areas: 30B each
Ramkhamhaeng National Museum: 30B
Sawanworanayok National Museum:
(51km from Sukhothai) 30B
Sangkoloke Kikm Edcation & Preservation Center: 30B
S i Satchanalai Historical Park:
(55km from Sukhothai) 40B
Time to visit: Most of Buddha images are facing E therefore it is recommended to visit in the morning for taking photos. After 16:30, many sites out side of the islands become free because the ticket booths will be closed.
During day, it could be very hot. If you walk, take enough water with you.
i Information Center: 1.5km from the bus stop. N from the Old Sukhothai. You can get a free maps and publications.The staff are very friendly. It also displays a big model of Old Sukhothai. It is a good starting place to visit.
Also at the rental bicycle shop, you can get a free map and the staff are very friendly and informative. Good place to ask.
S10 Raikhamhaeng Museum: On the main road E from the old main entrance of the park(the bus stop) . 30B
S12 Wat Traphang Thong:
S1 Ram Khom Kaeng King Monument: The 3rd King of Sukhothai kingdom at the peak of Sukhothai.
S2 Wat Mahathat: In the main park. The largest in the city, 13th C.Original stately Buddha figures sit among the columns and 200 chedis.40B(Historical inside area ticket)
S4 Wat Si Sawai: In the main park.South of the precedent. Three corn cob-like tower, built by Khmer.
40B(Historical inside area ticket)
S5 Wat Trapang Ngoen:
S6 Wat Sa Sri: It is sit on an island W from the monument of King Ram Khom Kaeng. Classic Sukhothai style, which is a Wat with a large Bhddha, one chedi and columns. 40B(Historical inside area ticket)
S8 Wat Chana Songkhram:
S9 Wat Mai:
S16 Wat Par Pai Luang: North zone. The oldest temple, Khmer style converted from Hindu temple.
S17 Wat Sri Chum: W from the old city, contains an impressive 15m seated Bhddha..30B(Historical W area ticket)
S18 Wat Saphan Hin: It is located about 3 km from the W of the wall and on a hill that rises about 200m above the plain. Good view of the Sukhothai ruins.30B(Historical W area ticket)

Sri Satchanalai historical Park
Another historical park along the Yom River, 55km from Sukhothai. Worth visiting for a day trip. Entrance fee 40B.
Bus from Sukothai: Direct bus
40B, if not you have to change a bus once(20B+20B). Ask the driver where to change. It is smaller than Sukothai but rental bike is available 30B

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