Sukhothai THAILAND

Area Code 055, $1=38.00B, 23 June, 2006

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New Sukhothai Town Map

Many food stalls on the main road E from the river, and E from the temple(Wat Khuha Suwan). Fruit market is also E side of the temple. Simple food from 15B and delicious fruit shake costs only 10B. Highly Rec.

r1 Food court: From the bridge walk E on the main rd and turn right at the 2 corner. It has many local stalls where you can eat cheap food, fruit shake 10B and Patthai/fried rice from 15B.
r2 Coffee Terrace: next to Lotus GH, 11-23:00 drink 15+, meal 65B+, nice atmosphere. tables in the garden.

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