Sukhothai THAILAND

Area Code 055, $1=38.00B, 23 June, 2006

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New Sukhothai Town Map

From the main bus station, you had better take a songthaw(4B). If you tell the name of the GH, the driver stops near the guest house. The most of the cheap GHs can be found W from the river. If not 7 Eleven can be a good place to start finding one. Many new GHs are open. One on the guide books are rather old.


New town
W from the river,
Near Bus station to the Old City
This area can be seen from the bus station across a swamp but there is no road to cross so you still had better to take a songthaw to the new Sukhothai and get off when you see signs like 99GH
h1 99 GH: 234/6 soi Panichsan Enter N from the main road to a alley, just W from a bus station to Old Sukhothai, W of the river. , T055-611315, f sb s80 d150 HW C4 Comfortable Thai style old house.
h2 No 4 GH: 140/4 Soi Klong mae Lumpin. After passing 99 GH, cross a small river and turn left. The road bends to N and turn right a small road. Then walk the end of the road. T 055-610165, f ab s/d150-180 La R HW, P mos-net I C4 Popular, homely social place with Communal set vegetarian meals. Cooking courses. large bamboo bungalows with large porch and settees. Country setting. Rec
h3 JJ Guest House: 122/1501 Maeramphan Rd, after passing 99 GH, cross a small river and turn right T055-620095, HW ab f d200B, a/c d400B, bungalows CTV P(large)TC fr f 500B, a/c 600B C4 R(good cheap good bread) New GH popular, very friendly staff. Good tourist information HighlyRec
h4 Mai Thai GH: next to JJ Guest House 120-250B No review. closed.
h5 MG House: 295 Siramarung Rd, enter N from the main road, just E from the bus station to the Old city. T055-620707, bungalows ab f 350B, a/c d450B, HW CTV K C4 New bungalows. large rooms.

Near 7-Eleven, W from the river, south side.
h6 Garden House: 11 Pravet Nakhon Rd, after passing 7 Eleven it is on the right T055-611395,, sb s120 d150B, ab d180B, bungalows with PTC d250 C4 New GH popular, friendly staff. Rec
h7 TR GH: 27/5 Preventnakom Rd. T055-611663,
f ab CW s150 d200 t250B, HW s200 d250 t300B, a/c s300 d350B free coffee/tea. I C4 rb 50-90B motor bike 200B/24hrs
Very new GH and very clean.The owner is very informative. Highly Rec
h8 Travelers House: 130 Jarotviteethong Rd(main road), back door is just opp from TR GH, T055-613333, ? New GH Ask at Garden House.

W from the river South from the main road.
h9 Ban Thai GH: 38 Pravet Nakhon T055-610163
f sb HW common balcony d150, bungalows f ab f d250, a/c d200 R C3 mountain bike 200B/24hrs
garden, lotus pond, scenic views. friendly staff
h10 Yupa: 44 Pravet Nakhon T055-612578, f sb d150 C2 Old house off the river side street. Follow the sigh.

W from the river North from the main road.
h11 River House: Go N from the Main Rd just W of the river. T055-620396, , f sb s150 d250, a/c d350B HW I C4. Thai style.wooden floor.

W from the river,
E from the Yom river North side
h12 Thai GH: 2/4 Ratchanee Rd.As you walk from the river, turn left after the temple and keep waking for 500m. T055-612853, sb dr50 s100 d140 C2, a lot of Japanese books. Very old Thai house. Very simple.
h13 Lotus Village: 150 Ratchanee Rd.Another 100m after Thai GH. T055-621848 F055-621463,,, f sb HW d300 huge rooms + lots of common space C3, a/c ab d6-700B C4 Owned by a French. Stylish atmosphere. A or two grade up from everything else. It has lots of art books, classical music, et. The bungalows with a bathroom are wonderful but the cheap ones are vary basic and a bit overpriced. But expensive ones are set in lotus garden and are Highly Rec if you can afford it. a bit expensive.

E from the Yom river South side
h14 River View Hotel: 92 Nikornkasem Rd.(As you walk from the river, first right) T055-611516, a/c ab d TV(English) d350 HW C4. A bit old but it has atmosphere of good hotel in old time.Try to get rooms with river view.Good value.
h15 Chinawat Hotel: opp from River View Hotel. T055-611385, f ab d150(double)-200(twin) R @ C3. Old hotel but not unpleasant.
h16 Sukhothai Orchard Hotel: 45 Singhawat Rd.(As you walk from the river, third right) T055-611195, ab a/c fr CTV HW d600 C4 R sw.
h17 Sawasdipong Hotel: 56/2-5 Singhawat Rd. T055-611567,, small ab HW a/c CTV fr d350, large d390, new rooms bf d500B C4 Better value than Sukhothai Orchard H.

Old town: near the park
Sukhothai Histrical Park Map

h20 Vitoon GH(1): just in front of the park entrance(old one), T055-697045, f ab d250B C4 @25B/hr
h21 Vitoon GH(2): 49 Moo 3 Jarodwithithong Rd., T055-697045, a/c ab TV(Th) d500 C4 w/desk la(30B/kg)
h22 Old City GH: 28/7 Moo 3 T055-697515, just E from Vitoon GH, f sb d120 ab 180, HW d250 TV(L) 350B PTC. C4 Common balcony, FSa it is usually full because of Thai students.

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