Sukhothai THAILAND

Area Code 055, $1=38.00B, 23 June, 2006

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High Season : Dec-Mar, Jul-Aug

Hot & Dry : Feb-Apr

Cool & Dry: Dec -Feb

Hot & Rainy : May - Oct

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Thai's ancient city in middle of N Thailand. It was founded in 13 C. as the capital of Thailand. But it was completely destroyed by Burma in 14 C. And the capital was moved to Ayutthaya.
The ruins are as good as Ayutthaya but this SukhoThai was too much cleaned and became as a park. You do no longer feel history of Thailand so much.

The bus station is about 3km from New Sukhothai and 12km from the Old town. Songthaw can take you to both town from the bus station. To New town 7B and to Old town 15B. The drivers try to charge more. The information office at the bus station will tell you the right price.

Access to Sukhothai:
BKK/Chiang Mai by bus:
Many buses are running from Northan bus station in BKK and the arcade bus station in Chiang Mai. It is possible to take a bus from Ayutthaya but seats cannot be reserved. You have to wait until the bus arrive and see the availability and the time of the departure of the night buses from Ayutthaya is are usually late night.
BKK/Chiang Mai by train: No train access. The closest train station is Phitsanulok.
Phitsanulok by bus: Many buses are running from the bus station to Sukhothai.

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