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At the 2002 research, we could not check this info so well. We leave most of the old info as it is. We apologize for it.
It's hard to find authentic Thai food,
most places have Westernized menus. Seafood is widely available. Many restaurants in Chaweng and Lamai show Videos and have satellite TV featuring live sport events. In the evenings many restaurants attached to Bungalow complexes set up tables right on the beach. Candlelight setting, sound of the sea, very romantic. Fresh seafood is displayed for your selection.

We do not update Chaweng Beach anymore but we leave old information at this moment.

For local beach info see below
Lamai Beach
| Bophut Beach | Maenam Beach

HAT CHAWENG (2002 info)
Many international restaurants, such as McDonald, 31 Robbins, Star Bucks, Swessen's Pizza Hut, etc.
r Nakorn Restaurant: on the main road between McDonald and Ninja Restaurant. Very popular sea food restaurant.
r Ninja Restaurant: on the main road, opp from Charlie Hut. Very popular budget restaurant 24hr

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