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Rainy season : May-Dec

Monsoons : Sep- Nov

Dry season : Jan-Apr

Average Temp. : 17-37 degrees

High Season : Nov-May

Low Season : Jun-Oct

There are 3 beaches -Rai Ley West, Rai Ley East and Phra Nang. Though on the peninsular, the area feels like an island because it is only accessible by boat. In the 80's it was a travelers paradise with its white sand beaches, aqua blue sea, incredible limestone scenery, memorable sunsets, simple delicious food, basic cheap bungalows, friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere.

Then came development. The beach, sunsets & scenery are still as impressive, but the other elements have changed. Phra Nang beach has virtually been taken over by the Luxury Dusit Rayavadee Resort Complex. Rai Leh East & West beach suffer from over-crowding as bungalow complexes are crammed into the small area between them. Upgraded over the years, budget accommodation is now limited, often full in the high season when most accommodation is overpriced. Food standards are low. Staff are overworked, underpaid, complaints from customers are common.

Despite the negative points, Rai Ley is still one of the most beautiful areas in Thailand, it has retained a relaxed atmosphere, and remains a favorite with many visitors.
Rai Ley attracts many rock-climbers. It is also a popular center for scuba diving.

$ Exchange Can change (low rate) at many of the bungalows. Better to change before you get here.
Ya-ya 's exchange offers the highest. $1=41, 100yen=35B
H First Aid: Some hotels have this facility. Railey Bay Bungalrow 10-18:00
M1 Telephone: International calls possible from some Bungalows & agencies.
La Laundry: Many hotels offer the service 40-50B/kg
s Mini Mart: at most hotels
t Travel Agencies: Most bungalows can arrange onward transport from Krabi.

Local Transport
There are no roads at Rai Ley. You have to take small paths to move this place.

@ Internet @
@ Internet booth: available at most hotels, such as Ya-ya. 5B/min.

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